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Kingston Partners to Provide Healthcare Jobs and Education in Northwest Ohio

Kingston HealthCare Company is proud to announce its partnership with the Healthcare Professional Opportunity Grant in Northwest Ohio. This is a five year, $15 million grant to empower low income individuals to obtain the education and training needed to enter and advance in the health care field. The grant is designed to assist over 1100 people during the five year period. A beneficial part of the program is the mentoring of a Success Coach. This person will support the student throughout the educational process including guiding them with their job search.

Kingston HealthCare Company is proud to serve as an employer partner in the Healthcare Professional Opportunity Grant.  Kingston has been a leader in the community since 1989 and recognizes the need for exceptional employees in this industry.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that nursing and healthcare aide positions will have the largest growth during this decade, both due to job creation and attrition.

“This grant opportunity will assist healthcare employers in the Lucas County region, including Kingston, in meeting this growing demand. As a health care employer, we are excited for the opportunity to take a proactive approach to meet the growing health care needs in our community,” stated Teri Tomase, Kingston Corporate Trainer.