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Kingston Senior Living News

Four Tips to Prevent Pneumonia

  Pneumonia is more common than you might think, resulting in over a million hospital stays every year. It’s an infection in one or both lungs, causing fluid build-up and inflammation. Pneumonia is a serious illness that might cause problems … Continued

Encourage Growth and Strength

I love the team atmosphere at Kingston. The love and support that we offer to each other is matched only with the compassion that we show residents and their families. We are a family of professionals who encourage growth and … Continued

Love, Respect, and Genuine Care at Kingston

Ever since I started working here, I felt welcomed. I started off as a STNA and always wanted to work here as a nurse. Now that I am working as such, I have no regrets on furthering my skills, because … Continued

Helped Me Grow Professionally and Personally

I love Kingston because working here has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I was unsure what I wanted to do as a career when I started at Kingston, but through working here I learned about myself and was … Continued

Pleasure Working With These People

The reason that I love Kingston is because of the people. I have never had the pleasure of working with a greater group of people. Our team at KOV cares so much about each other and our residents which makes … Continued

Dedicated to Caring For Our Residents

We work together as an awesome team – all departments- and not only are we dedicated to caring for our residents/patients but each other as well. Kingston cares about the community and is willing to do what is needed to … Continued

Employee Since 2001 and Love It

I became a Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne employee in 2001. After I started working here I knew that I was going to be here for a while. Everyone was friendly. Residents and Employees made you feel like family. I … Continued

How Seniors Can Avoid These Five Common Winter Hazards

  We’re all affected by the cold weather winter bring each year. But this season presents unique challenges and hazards for seniors. With knowledge and advanced planning, your elderly loved one can avoid these five winter hazards. 1. Cold, Snow … Continued