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Kingston Senior Living News

No Other Place I Would Rather Work

“I love Kingston because it has brought many positive things to my life. Not only have I built outstanding relationships with many residents, they have all taught me many things and lots of wisdom. There is no other place I … Continued

Always Proud to Work For Kingston

“Kingston is like a family.  They genuinely care.  The employees provide a service so unlike any other community in Health Care.  I saw the Mission and Approach alive in the employees when they cared for my Mother, Nancy.  They took … Continued

Truly Found My Calling With Kingston

“They say “third time is a charm”.  I have come and gone from Kingston a couple of times in search of where I was supposed to be.  This time I know that I have finally found “Home” in this beautiful … Continued

How to care for your parent after surgery

Receiving the correct post-surgery care is critical for making a full recovery. That’s why many people, especially elder individuals, opt for treatment in skilled nursing facilities such as Kingston. However, even after being discharged from a skilled nursing center, it’s … Continued

Working for Kingston for 25 Years and it is a Pleasure

“I have had the pleasure of working for Kingston for the past 25 years in a variety of roles.  Kingston challenges me with opportunities to grow and develop professionally.  To me, Kingston’s  Philosophy, Mission and Approach is the solid and … Continued

Kingston is a Special Place to Work

“What I love about Kingston is the compassion, friendliness, and genuine caring that is exhibited throughout the facilities. During my orientation at one of our rehab facilities, I observed a nurse introducing two elderly patients to each other, giving them … Continued

Healthy habits for seniors

As we age, many of us use the excuse “I’m not as young as I used to be.” However, with regular exercise and adopting a lifestyle of healthy habits, we can enjoy fewer physical limitations as we age. Here are … Continued

Allows Me to Grow and Do What I Love

“I learned about Kingston through my sister who came here to volunteer.  She is mentally disabled and would come to Kingston to pass ice water.  Everyone was so kind and accepting of her disability.  When a position came open, I … Continued

What differentiates one Assisted Living from another?

Assisted Living communities are designed to help seniors with their daily tasks of living that have gotten hard to manage. Assisted Living communities can help a senior maintain their independence and quality of life. While senior communities or assisted living … Continued