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Ask the right questions when touring a nursing home

Choosing a nursing home for your loved one is a tough task. The amount of information you are given before, during and after touring a facility is very useful, but can also be very overwhelming.

Kingston has a list of some of the most important question you should ask while touring a facility. These questions will provide you with important information such as the level of healthcare, amount of independence residents have and the services that are offered at a nursing home. Some important questions to ask include:

Can residents make their own choices?

Ask about how much freedom residents have. One of the biggest concerns for people moving into an Assisted Living facility is losing their freedom. The social aspect of a nursing home is great, but it’s also important to know you or your loved one is able to have some “me time” and is offered a variety of meal options that makes one feel right at home.

Some questions you should ask include: Can residents choose what they eat? Can they rearrange their room? Are they allowed to go outside? What are the visiting hours? Can they have overnight guests?

What are the policies of the facility?

What is common at one facility may not be allowed at another. For that reason, ask what the policies are at each facility you visit. Many will have them written down and will be able to hand you a list of them so you know what to expect.

Additional questions you may want to consider:
– Are residents allowed to smoke?
– Can residents keep their own doctor?
– Are pets and other animals allowed to visit?

What are the security and safety procedures?

Ask the staff about security and safety guidelines. They should have information about the sprinkler system, safety exits on each floor and back-up power for residents who rely on medical machines. You should also ask if the facility has security guards, safety deposit boxes for residents and if residents are able to lock their doors.

What type of activities can residents enjoy?

Making sure your loved one stays active is extremely important. Make sure the facility offers a variety of activities for residents to enjoy. Some activities include: pool time, arts and crafts, access to a library and access to computers, social events, outings, and dynamic speaking and entertainment venues on site.

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