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Breathe Easier

When something as essential as breathing is jeopardized, your whole world can change. Finding the closest parking spot to your destination. Avoiding any outside activity that requires more than just sitting. Not cooking that big, traditional Sunday meal because you get out of breath. Life seems to stop as everyday tasks become increasingly more challenging.

If you or a loved one experience respiratory issues, you know all too well the constant life interruptions experienced with a progressive lung disease. It is common to feel a sense of hopelessness as your simple life pleasures like walking to the mailbox is taken away bit by bit. And it’s even more daunting trying to navigate the best course of action to take when you are emotionally invested to make the change.

In considering your options, we provide entire peace of mind for you or your loved one, with full-time and on-staff respiratory therapists providing the most advanced and complete care available. You can rest assured that you are in comforting hands.

Kingston HealthCare is committed to helping you exhale the worry that comes with ongoing respiratory issues as we guide you through breathing in your new normal. We help you understand the diagnosis that you or a loved one has received, whether that may be Emphysema or Bronchiectasis or any combination of diseases that fall under COPD.

At Kingston, our respiratory specialist and skilled nursing team provide respiratory therapy services so patients with pulmonary diagnoses and related conditions can breathe easier, increase strength and build endurance. We work with your already established caregivers and therapeutic providers in order to improve your condition.

The goal in mind is to expand the airways. The way Kingston Healthcare reaches this goal is through our treatment and therapies. Treatments consist of weaning off oxygen and downsizing tracheostomies, and how we get to that point involves the following:

  • High Flow Therapy up to 60 Lpm
  • Trach weaning and speech language support
  • CPAP or BIPAP therapy for patients with sleep breathing disorders
  • Dysphagia management
  • Exercise and relaxation training
  • Bronchopulmonary hygiene therapy (i.e. high frequency chest wall oscillation)
  • Oscillatory positive expiratory pressure
  • Breath activated nebulizer
  • Respiratory therapist driven protocols

Other respiratory rehabilitation services for COPD at Kingston Healthcare includes therapies: physical, occupational and speech.

  1. Physical- Breath relief to a customized treatment plan that focuses not just on the lungs but your upper and lower bodies. This treatment plan will better train your breathing muscles with targeted exercises. Once we get you to an achieved level of fitness, we will develop a personalized lifestyle program to maintain activity and progress.
  2. Occupational- Think of occupational therapy as your method to get your life back on track. We discuss your daily routine and challenges. Coupled with your physical therapy, assistive equipment recommendations will be given for your greater independence in mind.
  3. Speech- Depending on medical tubes or the condition of your COPD, we will assess your swallow muscles for safety and intervene to reduce potential for aspiration.

Two of our locations provide all of the aforementioned respiratory care: Fort Wayne and Miamisburg. For more information, be sure to check out our website on our respiratory care here and our helpful respiratory guide here.