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Genuine Care Stories: Annie with Charlie & Shirley

This Genuine Care Story was submitted on behalf of Annie Lickliter – Activities Assistant at Kingston of Marion.

“Annie is wonderful with our residents. One special moment, in particular, was the anniversary of Charlie and Shirley. They have been married for 74 years. She put the date night together. Flowers from Burkhart’s, music from their wedding day on an iPod to play as background music and pictures of them on their wedding day. Special seating arrangements in the lobby with the table decorated beautifully and their favorite meal from Red Lobster. The couple had a wonderful date night that would be remembered by Shirley for the rest of her life. Annie enabled this lovely couple to have a moment in life that could have just passed by as a normal day.” Thank you, Annie, you embody the spirit of such a loving person. I am pleased to have you as one of my team members. This is just one many great stories of servitude that Annie has done. I can’t count the endless times of craft projects that she takes home to prepare on her own time for all the residents here. She shops at rummage sales to find items that residents would like for bingo prizes. She offers friendships to residents that are hurting, and sad because they have had to give up their homes and come stay in a facility with a stranger, with just a few comfort items from home. She embodies a spirit of peace and love to every resident she comes in contact with, and with a genuine heart makes a sad day, a day that they can live with.

Stories like these happen every day at Kingston Healthcare facilities across the country. We love our residents like our own family. Stay tuned for more great genuine care stories to brighten your day.