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Genuine Care Stories: Katy & Marie

“My name is Katy Denny and I work at Kingston Residence of Vermilion in the activities department. I have worked here for 3 years and have the privilege of caring for a wonderful woman named Marie Takacs. Marie is 97 years old and moved into our facility about 2 years ago. Marie knew a lot about Kingston because of her son Richard. Richard was born with cerebral palsy and live at our facility before Marie came. Marie would come in and play piano fir Richard and the other residents. Richard eventually moved to Kingston of Vermilion and a few years later Marie came to live with us at Kingston Residence. Even thought they were in the same town…15 minutes away from each other, they did not get to see each other often due to transportation issues. Towards Christmas I was talking to Marie’s daughter Jeanie, who is Richard’s sister…she was telling me how she just wanted to see them together but couldn’t because Marie and Richard were both in wheelchairs and she would not be able to transport either of them. Our resident Christmas party was coming up so we talked about it and thought of the great idea for me to go pick Richard up in our facility van (since I work in transportation) and bring him to our facility for the night to enjoy a night with his mom again. We agreed we would not tell Marie about this and keep it a surprise. The night of the Christmas party came and I went and picked up Richard from Kingston of Vermilion…and brought him to our facility. Richard was so excited…it was over a year since he saw his mother. He kept talking about his mother the whole ride there. When I brought him in Marie was sleeping at the end of the hall in her wheelchair. Richard went over and woke her up by yelling “Hey Mom! It’s me!!” when she looked up and saw him you could see the emotions on her face. She was so excited! I wish I could have recorded her reaction because she was in such beautiful shock. As a mother, I can’t imagine not seeing your own child for a year and then being surprised like that out of the blue. Her face just lit up all around. They spent a few hours together at the Christmas party and had so much fun. I want to plan this again for next Christmas. That exact moment I saw Marie’s face light up was the most rewarding moment I’ve had in the whole 3 years I have worked here and I will never forget that.” Katelyn Denny – Activites Assistant/Transportation at Kingston Residence of Vermilion

Stories like these happen every day at Kingston Healthcare facilities across the country. We love our residents like our own family. Stay tuned for more great genuine care stories to brighten your day.