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Genuine Care Stories: Kristen & Paul

“My absolute favorite memory for all-time from working here at Kingston of Vermilion was getting the opportunity to help make a resident’s dream come true before his passing in 2010. Paul was a long-time resident here at Kingston of Vermilion and he was always buzzing around the facility in his wheelchair with a smile and a Cleveland Indians baseball hat on. We had a program at our facility called the “Never Too Late” program – it was used to help grant the wishes of our residents in their twilight years, to the best of our ability. For Paul, he was such an avid Indians fan, we got him and his family tickets to see a game and he was so excited.

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However, as the day drew near, his health deteriorated so that he was not medically clear to go to the game. He was too sick to make the trip and I was extremely sad for him as he had been looking forward to it so much. So, on a whim, I contacted the Cleveland Indians and explained the story. I told them what a huge fan he was and that he wasn’t able to go to the game at the last second. I knew they were a huge organization, so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t get an answer at first. I just had wanted to try. Then, about a week and a half later, I received a package at the facility from the Cleveland Indians. They had sent me an awesome amount of Indians gear for Paul – a hand towel, pen, signed picture, and (best of all) a letter addressed to him thanking for being their biggest fan. We as a team went down and presented the items to Paul and it was a very emotional experience. He and his family were overwhelmed and we took a big group picture with the number one Cleveland Indians fan and all of his prizes. When Paul passed away, we went to the showing and there at the funeral home was the picture and the letter to him and I was thankful to be in this line of work where you can really make a difference in the lives of others.” Kristen Cooksety – Director of Admissions at Kingston of Vermilion

Stories like these happen every day at Kingston Healthcare facilities across the country. We love our residents like our own family. Stay tuned for more great genuine care stories to brighten your day!