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Genuine Care Stories: Meri & Rose

“I would bring in my Husky dog, Koda, to visit with my grandmother and the other residents. One of the women living here, Rose, would always have us stop by her room to see Koda. Rose would stop me in the hallways during my shift and when I was visiting her about her husky that she used to have. Rose adores dogs, especially Huskies. One day, Rose was more tearful than normal and when I asked her what was wrong she kept telling me that she missed her family and her dog. So the very next day I went to the store and bought her a husky stuffed toy, got a name tag made up for her with her dog’s name and her name as the owner and tied it around the toy’s neck as a collar. I brought the stuffed toy with me to work that day and found Rose sitting in the doorway of her room crying again. This time, Rose was upset because she was lonely. I spend countless days with our Rose to try and cheer her up. That particular day I happened to make her so happy she forgot why she was so sad within a second. I surprised Rose with her own stuffed Husky dog that she can keep in her room and to this day, she will carry her dog around when she is feeling lonely or sad. Knowing that I made a difference in Rose’s day, to bring a smile to her face, meant the world to me. It is my favorite memory of caring for my resident’s here. Rose’s family knew about the gift and was appreciative of it because it brings her so much joy every day.” Meri Harris – RN Supervisor at Kingston of Vermillion.

Stories like these happen every day at Kingston Healthcare facilities across the country. We love our residents like our own family. Stay tuned for more great genuine care stories to brighten your day.