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Kingston Senior Living News

They Were There to Help Me Slow Down and Enjoy Their Care

Kingston of Ashland received the following note from a patient: “On October 17th I became a patient at Kingston after a careless fall at home – dislocating my right shoulder and I am right handed. I was in pain, felt guilty and “why me?” I’m bullheaded and it’s my way or the highway. Being a nurse of 30+ years, I thought I had all the answers. Several days later this nurse firmly encouraged me to get out of bed, change clothes and become a different person. I didn’t have all the answers; they were there to help me slow down and enjoy their care. Thanks to God, prayers and a new friend, I’m going home today. It won’t be easy, but my family knows my flaws. Hopefully, I’ve learned new ways along with healing. PS – I recognize Rachelle as my saving caregiver deserving of the silver crown.”