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How to Manage Stress After Being Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

If you were recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, know that it’s normal to feel stressed by the news.

Many of the 5.5 million Americans with Alzheimer’s improved their lives by identifying the source of their stress and learning how to manage it.

The source of your stress

Your diagnosis may provide a range of confusing emotions such as:

– Anger
– Denial
– Depression
– Resentment
– Feeling lost

These emotions can make even the simplest tasks more difficult. They can also have an undesirable impact on your health and quality of life, so it’s important to learn how to manage them right away.

How to reduce stress

Simple changes in your everyday life can quickly relieve your stress. Be sure to try strategies that will improve your emotions and make you feel uplifted such as listening to music or watching something inspiring. Please see more ideas below.

Relax: There are many ways to accomplish this, including: take a deep breathe when you feel tense, go for a walk, meditate, or watch something enjoyable on TV.

Take a break: If a task is frustrating you, move on to something else for a while. You may be surprised how easily you complete the task when you come back with a clear mind.

Exercise: Go for a walk or take a jog. You can even head to the gym if you enjoy working out. Any type of exercise helps your body release endorphins, which can quickly improve your mood and emotions.

Do something enjoyable: We all have one activity that makes us happy. Maybe it’s watching your favorite movie, or spending time with friends and family. Whatever it is, it’s always a good idea to repeat this activity whenever you stress.

If you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, we also have some caregiver tips. If you would like information about our memory care services, click here.