Breathe easier, increase strength and build endurance.

Respiratory Services

Breathe Easier

Partnering with patients and care-givers to maximize the abilities and self-care skills of people who suffer from pulmonary disorders.

Kingston’s respiratory specialist and skilled nursing team provide respiratory therapy services so patients with pulmonary diagnoses and related conditions can breathe easier, increase strength and build endurance.

Our team of passionate medical and therapeutic providers equip patients and caregivers with techniques and education so they go home confidently and successfully.

Rehabilitation Services

  • High flow oxygen therapy (up to 40 liters per minute via
    nasal cannula or tracheostomy mask)
  • Trach weaning and speech language support
  • CPAP or BIPAP therapy for patients with sleep breathing disorders
  • Dysphagia management
  • Exercise and relaxation training
  • Bronchopulmonary hygiene therapy (i.e. high frequency chest wall oscillation)
  • Oscillatory positive expiratory pressure
  • Breath activated nebulizer
  • Respiratory therapist driven protocols

Rehabilitation services focused on returning patients home sooner including: weaning off oxygen, downsizing tracheostomies, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

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