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Kingston Senior Living News

The Staff was Exemplary

Kingston Residence of Marion received a phone call from the daughter of a 13-year resident. She stated that when she was visiting right before her mother died, an afternoon care assistant came into the room. They had some casual conversation and then the care assistant said, “I have to tell your daughter that YOU are my favorite resident.” This statement was so impactful as she had only known her mom in her worst state, not when she was vibrant, lively, and active. When her mom came to Kingston in the fall of 2004, she (and the family) knew there would not be enough money to stay at Kingston for very long. About 5 years ago, all of the siblings begged to move mom to somewhere less expensive, but she dug in her heels and said “not over my dead body!” The daughter was an RN and KNEW what type of care mom was receiving. The staff went above and beyond, and her mom was more than taken care of, she was loved. She stated the staff was exemplary and the care assistants and nurses could not have done a better job. Being a nurse, she knows in healthcare there is turnover, which often times brings feelings of change or operational changes. That ebb and flow never occurred at Kingston. Instead, it was constant quality care and constant love. She could not ask for more and only wishes that there was a place near her that could be as good as Kingston.