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“Thank you for your continued excellent care of our father/grandfather. You are all angels and so very much appreciated!”

Kingston Senior Living Testimonials


“My mother has resided at Kingston Residence of Sylvania since November 2013.  Since her arrival, she has had excellent care and is doing much better than she has for the last 4 years. Having help with her medicine and getting good food three times a day is  better than her living alone at home.  She has become much better with her memory, socialization and she has been able to continue her outside activities at Church.  We are amazed at the transformation since moving from home to Kingston.”  -Kingston Residence of Sylvania

“We want to thank you for your care and encouragement during our father’s recovery.  He may have done the “heavy lifting,” but he would never have been able to do it without your support. While he still has a long road to full recovery, he is well on his way thanks to all of you. Our warmest thanks and best wishes.”  Kingston Rehabilitation of Perrysburg

“The aides were most helpful. They seem to have a lot of people to care for. They were always so very pleasant and willing to help. They never grumbled about work. The kitchen staff is always willing to get you something to eat, as often you don’t feel like eating at mealtime.”  – Kingston of Miamisburg

“Kingston has a great team of people serving clients.  Don’t let them get away!”
Kingston of Ashland

“I found the staff to be friendly overall and willing to help residents with requests.  When I needed someone to talk to, I could count on a nurse or CNA to find a few minutes to care for me.”  – Kingston Care Center of Ft. Wayne

“The cleanliness of the facility and my room were very important to me. The food choices and variety was also very important to me. I feel that both of these things were superbly done. Keep up the good work!! Also the laundry pick up and drop off were great as well.” – Kingston of Vermilion

“During my 6 week stay – I was in extreme pain/muscle spasms from my leg fracture. As a retired nurse I want to commend and thank – Brooke & Elizabeth (Hall 500) for devising a program/schedule that made the pain more tolerable.  Everyone (PT. OT – STNA – dietary) had a great attitude every day. My experience at Kingston was more than I ever expected from a nursing home/rehab center.” – Kingston of Ashland



“I love coming to work here every day. We have a very special team that takes wonderful care of our residents.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a great team and wonderful work environment.”  – Employee of Kingston Residence of Perrysburg, OH

“We put our residents first and the staff understands and supports that. The closeness we have with the residents and their families make this such a wonderful environment to work in and you can feel the fulfillment of serving our elderly community.” – Employee of Kingston of Dupont –Ft. Wayne, IN

“Kingston is a wonderful company and they take care of our employees and residents.”  – Employee of Kingston of Miamisburg, OH

“Kingston is a wonderful place to work. Continue to keep listening to your staff to maintain the BEST place to work.” – Employee of Kingston Care Center of Ft. Wayne, IN

“I enjoy the residents the most.  It is very satisfying to make them happy.” – Employee of Kingston of Vermilion, OH

“KRP is a facility that values the individual and promotes from within. We work as a team and have lots of fun along the way. We celebrate our successes together and also work together when things are challenging. Our building is beautiful and our staff is amazing. It is a great place to work and makes a difference in the lives of many.” – Employee of Kingston Residence of Perrysburg, OH

“Great at building a cohesive culture to work in and thus carries over to the work we do best…giving quality care to our residents.”  – Kingston Residence of Marion, OH

“Kingston provides genuine care.  There is consistency with the way that Kingston honors employees who work hard and go above and beyond job expectations.  Kingston employees work with integrity.  The company shows its gratitude to employees by putting money back into the facilities and maintaining a healthy balance between its financial obligations and patient care.”  – Kingston Care Center of Ft. Wayne, IN

“Kingston provides beautiful facilities for our residents. I appreciate the money being spent to improve our facility. I think Kingston also works very hard to provide a great workplace for the employees to let us know that what we do is important. In speaking with friends, I know we have great benefits compared to other companies in our area and greatly appreciate the added EAP & FSA programs. While other companies are taking from employees, Kingston is adding to our benefits. Lastly – I appreciate our Regional. She always comes with an open mind and her knowledge is very impressive.”  – Kingston Residence of Hickory, NC




“We acknowledge that the Kingston family of employees makes a difference in the lives of residents, patients and family members."