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Human Resources Manager

Full Time

Work Details: Full Time

Job Description:

Are you ready to fall into a career that leaves you feeling like the king or queen of HR? Look no further than Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne, where autumn vibes and human resources expertise collide! We're seeking an HR Manager who can turn leaves into laughter, and acorns into applause.


  • Let your HR magic shine as you recruit, hire, and onboard new employees. We want you to find the cream of the crop, the pumpkins in a patch, and the apples of our eye!
  • Be the go-to guru for all things HR-related. From benefits administration to performance management, you'll handle it all with a smile as bright as the autumn foliage.
  • Develop and implement innovative HR initiatives that keep our team engaged, motivated, and as colorful as a breathtaking fall sunset.
  • Embrace the spirit of collaboration and teamwork by fostering a positive work environment. Think of yourself as the HR scarecrow, keeping the crows of conflict at bay.


  • A minimum of 2 years of HR experience, preferably in a fast-paced environment. If you've handled HR challenges while juggling pumpkin spice lattes, you're our kind of people!
  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or a related field. Extra credit if you can demonstrate your ability to carve a pumpkin while reciting HR policies.
  • Expertise in HR best practices, employment laws, and regulations. We need someone who can navigate the HR maze like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter.
  • Stellar communication skills and the ability to build relationships with all levels of staff. You should be able to chat with a leaf as effortlessly as you chat with our CEO.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Competitive salary and benefits package because we believe in treating our employees like the shiny red apples they are.
  • A work environment that embraces the fall season with open arms. Expect pumpkin decorating contests, apple cider tastings, and the occasional corn maze adventure.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development. We'll support your HR career like a sturdy tree supports its leaves.

To Apply:

If you're ready to fall head over heels for an HR role that's as refreshing as a cool autumn breeze, submit your resume and a cover letter that showcases your HR finesse. Bonus points if you include a pumpkin-themed joke to make us smile (we're suckers for those!). Together, let's turn Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne into the HR wonderland it was always meant to be!

Note: All applicants are encouraged to bring a cozy sweater to the interview. We like to keep things warm and fuzzy around here!

Kingston is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate the diversity of our team like the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds,

* 5.0 stars on Google

* 4.3 Glassdoor rating

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