Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne

I would not be where I am today without Kingston and Amanda (PT). I feel so blessed to have had this experience and I shudder to think where I would be if I hadn’t been at Kingston for inpatient and outpatient therapy. I told Dr. Harris, I owe it all to Kingston, he tried to say I had a little to do with it, but I really owe it all to Kingston.

Paula Freeze
Former Patient

I knew before I went into the hospital that this was where I wanted to go. After surgery they told me I was coming here and I was so happy because this is where I wanted to go. Since I’ve been here everything has gone right.

Tim Martin
Former Patient

I came to Kingston Rehabilitation in December, 2018. When I arrived, I was in a wheelchair and unable to do most anything without assistance. Three and a half weeks later, I left Kingston, walking with the assistance of a walker. I continued outpatient therapy for several months, and am now walking without any assistance. The therapists at Kingston have been wonderful. They pushed me hard to get me not only out of the inpatient facility, but to meet my goals of being able to drive, work, and be mobile. Their entire staff of physical, occupational, and speech therapists are not only caring, but excellent at what they do.

Michael Tappy
Inpatient Therapy Graduate

Kingston has not only made Dad their number one concern, but his family as well. They are attentive to our every need, and we are repeatedly told we are here for you!

Daughter of Patient

You have the best cooks. Never a complaint and the servers were great.

Former Patient of Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne

The reasons I love Kingston started on the day of my interview. The DON was my interviewer and the time and dedication to her job really came through. I asked her for a tour of the building after the interview was complete and she graciously agreed, and at that time of my career I didn't know how much I was asking out of the Director of Nursing to take up such important time, and she still obliged. Fast forward 6 years and I still see the dedication and drive from all of our managers. I have been able to adapt and learn the Kingston culture and feel I have also become an employee that has the dedication to make a difference in my employees growth and development. When our management team has this type of drive to make a difference it shows up in our customer satisfaction, which is the main reason we all come into this profession. I know that my nursing career changed drastically when I came to Kingston!


In my career of working in activities I have worked in several facilities that do not support the Department like Kingston has. I look forward in coming to work knowing that the residents look forward to attending our structured programs. It is good environment as other departments, volunteers, family members whom encourage residents to attend. We have volunteers whom have been coming regularly for over 8 years and do it because they see how much activities keep them going. Kingston supports the volunteers with a wonderful luncheon every year. Kingston supports staff with on-going recognition as well as fun things to brighten staff day with employee communication events (turkey hunt, pumpkin bake off, ice cream truck) are just a few to thank the staff for all they do. I love the orientation for new staff. They come out having a better understanding of our policies and procedures and realize how important we value every department to be the best they can be. Would I market Kingston? Yes, and I do whenever I can. Especially when I can recruit volunteers to enhance our department. Thank you to Kingston for all you do not only for me as an individual but for all staff, family members, volunteers and of course our residents!


You hear sometimes that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Having worked within other companies I always thought this was just one of those non-sense sayings. That was until I started working for Kingston. My role at Kingston is fulfilling in every aspect, and in such a way that I never dread coming to work, I never want to call off and I always want to come to see the friendly and welcoming staff that have become my family. Why I love Kingston? When I thought about this it seemed obvious in every way. I have worked in two different locations for Kingston in two different roles. I can say with full honesty that each has been the most welcoming employer with true genuine caring and interest in my wellbeing as an employee. I love Kingston for their un-wavering dedication to providing the best care possible, not only to their patients and residents; but also the persons they employ. They truly are the employer of choice! I can't imagine working anywhere else!


I love that we have employees who are willing to go above and beyond what is asked of them to care for someone, whether it be a patient or another employee. It's easy to forget the real reason why we all come to work everyday, but when a patient feels loved and understood I am reminded of what I do here and how it makes a difference.


I feel like I make a difference in the lives of residents, family members, and co-workers. Giving is in my nature but, what I receive far exceeds my giving. It is a pleasure to work for such a supportive company.

Social Services

Kingston is a very loving and caring. They are like family and they make me feel welcome.

Environmental Services

I love Kingston because they have allowed me to grow into someone I didn't see myself as I went from being a housekeeper to becoming a supervisor of a great team. With all the support I had from Kingston I really thank my mentor for being patient and teaching me and guiding me through all the highs and lows, of taking the Lead. Thank you Kingston for allowing me a way to grow in every area

Environmental Services

I learned about Kingston through my sister who came here to volunteer. She is mentally disabled and would come to Kingston to pass ice water. Everyone was so kind and accepting of her disability. When a position came open, I interviewed and was offered the Director of Social Services position. I love working for a company that has allowed me to grow and do what I do best everyday! I am also very proud to work for a company that truly believes in their mission and approach and lives it everyday!!! I also tell everyone that I am biased because I love Kingston and have been here for 17 years!!


Kingston is like a family. They genuinely care. The employees provide a service so unlike any other community in health care. I saw the Mission and Approach alive in the employees when they cared for my Mother. They took care of her like she was their own mom. They personally invested in her care and created relationship and friendship that will last a lifetime. Kingston knows how to give back to the employees and provides service to the Residents with the highest level of integrity. I always feel proud to share who I work for in the community and stand committed to being a part of their excellence!

Human Resources

I love Kingston because our passion and goal is to provide excellent customer service to every patient and resident! I absolutely adore our senior community and love being able to be of service...working for Kingston enables me to give back to those who have already given so much themselves! They deserve excellent customer service and nothing less! Kingston goes above and beyond in ensuring my own personal success, giving me training and tools that allow me to be the best Kingston ambassador I can be! That's why I love Kingston!

Central Billing

Everyone is treated fairly from the employees to the residents. It is a caring community and family.

Corporate Compliance MDS Accuracy

I love Kingston because of the heartwarming staff who work here. I also get a great sense of pride helping others through my work.


I love Kingston because of the Mission: "We, the employees of Kingston HealthCare Company, are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best."

Facility Construction and Maintenance

Kingston is more than a place to go to work. It is a philosophy of care, a way of life if you will. The way we treat our residents and patients cannot be taught. It comes from within. As with many things in life “like attracts like”. We are a group of people drawn together to the act of supporting and encouraging those we care for and each other. We find strength from our passion for compassion and positive energy that we can create even in someone’s darkest hour. We are more than our beautiful locations, and a logo. We are a frame of mind and a desire to good.

Marketing and HR
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