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Dear Kingston, I would like to give a shout out to the cleaning and laundry staff. Not only do they do an awesome job, but they go above and beyond what is required of them. As for me, I am the invisible person walking to and from the building to visit my loved one. Watching these angels do things so loving and kind warms my heart. We hear them say all the time, ‘I’m just the housekeeper’ or ‘I’m just a laundry person,’ but they are so much more.

Spouse of Patient

No better words have been discovered to express our sincere gratitude for the amazing quality of life you gave my father. Each day he was surrounded by people who he loved and cared about. Thank you!

Daughter of Patient

The Nurses and Aides at Kingston are a very special class of people who have a very tough job. I don't remember a single [occurrence] when they did not act in a professional, caring manner.

Family of Former Patient

I love Kingston because of the residents here...they make my day, everyday!

Nursing Staff

The President of Kingston is very kind and outgoing. He makes you feel like you're an important part of the company. The way he describes his vision for Kingston and his enthusiasm gives you no other choice but to want to be part of this company's growth.


I love working for Kingston because of the high level of ethics the company supports and expects. Kingston [Care Center of Sylvania] is an exemplary skilled nursing facility with regard to the company sentiment that patient care comes first, rather than monetary benefit. Having worked for several different companies, Kingston has been a welcome refuge from ethical pressures and misguided priorities. I can not state enough how privileged I feel to work for such a fine company and look forward to many years of continued service.


I love the team atmosphere at Kingston. The love and support that we offer to eachother is matched only with the compassion that we show residents and their families. We are a family of professionals who encourage growth and strength not only in those who rehabilitate with us, but in each other.


I love Kingston because I feel like I have the ability to grow and learn as a nurse, with co-workers and management that value me. I enjoy the encouragement and commitment from all of our staff to ensure the best patient outcomes. And the feeling that we really do make a difference in our community!


I love Kingston because I love serving our residents and seeing them smile. The staff is really nice and we are a family!


Kingston is great to their employees! I enjoy the appreciation that we are shown for our work.


I love Kingston because it doesn't feel like a job everyday when coming to work. The residents always appreciate the activities, games, outings, food gatherings, and other events that we plan each month. Knowing that I can make the residents happy by just simply doing my job puts a smile on my face everyday. I love talking to the residents and hearing their stories. It is very rewarding to see them smile and see them love all the activities. I love what I do each and everyday.


I love Kingston because they care about their employees and their residents. It shows by the extra things Kingston does for us and how attentive they are to resident needs.


It's different here, there's genuine care for our resident's wellbeing!

Nursing Staff

I love the residents and my co-workers. They make my life complete.

Environmental Services

Kingston truly values employees and their opinions. My suggestions are heard and I hear feedback on the progress. My family member is a long-term care resident here and I would not want her anywhere else. She is well cared for by the excellent staff. I'm proud to say that I work for Kingston.


There are so many reason that I love Kingston, mainly this is my home. Just like this is my residents' home, it's my home as well. I feel like the staff and residents are family and we truly love one another. I wake every morning and can't wait to walk through the doors and start my day. Kingston makes my day everyday. I have worked at a lot of places, and I feel that I have truly have been blessed to find my way to Kingston. I look forward to the years to come. Thank you for the honor and privilege of being a member of the Kingston family.


I love Kingston because of the Mission: "We, the employees of Kingston HealthCare Company, are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best."

Facility Construction and Maintenance

I love Kingston because our passion and goal is to provide excellent customer service to every patient and resident! I absolutely adore our senior community and love being able to be of service...working for Kingston enables me to give back to those who have already given so much themselves! They deserve excellent customer service and nothing less! Kingston goes above and beyond in ensuring my own personal success, giving me training and tools that allow me to be the best Kingston ambassador I can be! That's why I love Kingston!

Central Billing

Everyone is treated fairly from the employees to the residents. It is a caring community and family.

Corporate Compliance MDS Accuracy

I love Kingston because of the heartwarming staff who work here. I also get a great sense of pride helping others through my work.

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