Kingston of Miamisburg

The place you want to be if you need physical, occupational or speech therapy. The staff are all professional, prompt, and courteous people, and the care is excellent! No, this is not a paid advertisement for Kingston. I just wanted everyone to know my experiences there... I could count on the nurses and their assistants to come a reasonable time if I pressed the button for assistance...You could choose the meal posted for the day or pick another option. After two weeks I went home! I enjoyed many of the activities especially Bingo. They also had many crafts and celebrations for holidays. I am planning on going back to do crochet and swimming even after I am no longer in their care!... I have one more surgery to go - replacement of my left knee and I intend to go to Kingston after the surgery. I know I will get better there!

Barb G.
Former Patient

Our family recently had the pleasure of experiencing the care that Kingston of Miamisburg has to offer. When my husband was admitted to the hospital and the doctors mentioned a rehabilitation facility, we were both very hesitant. Over the years, we haven’t had very great experiences with such places, when family members had gone to stay. I also came from a family of nurses, who have all, at some point, worked in extended care facilities. Needless to say, my husband was very nervous to stay for any length of time… until he got to Kingston.

I have never witnessed such compassionate, caring staff in any facility that I have visited over the years. Not only did the staff treat my husband well, but also every patient I came in contact with. From the nurses to the aides and therapists, all the way to the kitchen staff, each day I saw the way they interacted and cared for the residents of Kingston. Each member of the staff truly treated them like family. These people truly love, respect, and care for the residents. I am so grateful that my husband was in such good hands during his stay here! They really go above and beyond!

Megan Anthony
Wife of Patient

"I was a nurse for 45 years and can truthfully say this is the BEST physical therapy department I have ever encountered!"

Norma M.
Former Patient

"I feel like God has given me a purpose for being here. I have always liked helping people, and when the activities staff asked for help I felt like people need me... and everyone seems to enjoy my visits.” Stella also likes to crochet in her leisure time, making special items for those in their rooms who are not able get out much. Stella said, “When I give them their gift, they smile ear to ear like it was Christmas.” Some family members have said to her, “Good luck getting Dad to activities because he doesn’t like to do anything,” said Stella. The next day they follow her everywhere she goes, wanting to spend time with her and attend group programs. KOM is very fortunate to have Stella's kind heart, love and servitude for other people.


My family and I looked at multiple facilities and quickly realized that Kingston is the only place that we would want my mother to go.

Daughter of Patient

I wasn’t sure what to do until I got involved with the Breath Easy program... I have to give it an A plus!

Former Patient

To all the staff, we want to thank each and every one of you. Words can't express the gratitude we have. Our mother was in your care and you treated her with so much care it was amazing. She would tell us she felt like she was getting the royal treatment. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our mother feel so special and putting her first. Kingston is what healthcare is all about and you don't find that very often anymore. We would like to thank you for helping our family, from offering food to just having a listening ear.

Family of Patient

Often you don't hear great things about nursing facilities, but Kingston is the exception, it is a great place to rehab.

Former Patient

We are continuously striving to give the best care to each individual that comes through our doors. We have the most caring and compassionate staff members that truly love what they do and it shows. I enjoy coming to work each and every day because I get the opportunity to make a difference. Plus, we get to have FUN too!

Human Resources

I love all the residents here. You learn so much from them. We also have a great staff and team that work here.

Environmental Services

I love coming to work for the residents. My goal everyday is to come in and make the residents smile, and in return I am the one at the end of the day that is touched by their determination... and finding enjoyment in their lives. I am so grateful that I get to be apart of that everyday that I work. I love working with the floor staff that are down in the trenches with the residents every single day. Everyone of them have a story to tell, and a lifetime of wisdom to share.


I love Kingston because the staff and management work as a team, and a Kingston Family! We are all here for the Residents and we really care about them and each other!


The respect that Kingston has shown towards our residents and the families making sure they have everything that they need. It gives me great pride and pleasure to tell people that I work for Kingston.

Social Service

I love Kingston because I have so much fun with the residents. My co-workers are fun and helpful, the staff are very welcoming, and my schedule is awesome... I love coming into work!!! I love Kingston!!!


I love the way the staff treats the residents. Nice to find people that truly care about their patients.


Most of the employees are so kind and friendly to one another. Most of the staff will pull together to help each other out... We are more than just workers, we are more like family.


Kingston has always shown an incredibly generous degree of willingness to adapt to my needs as a worker. I have always felt like a truly valued member of the team. Everything that the facility does reinforces my desire and motivation to provide the best possible care, and I can honestly say that our team makes one feel truly happy to give 100% effort. In effect, it is a real blessing to see firsthand the quality of the care that residents receive as a result of such persistent and dedicated team efforts.


I believe everyone has a story. At Kingston, I have the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life. I have heard so many stories through the years from families and staff members. Kingston staff & residents are family. We all have rough days but then someone does something without hesitation and it reminds me just how lucky I am to be part of this great big family.


I have had the pleasure of working for Kingston for the past 25 years in a variety of roles. Kingston challenges me with opportunities to grow and develop professionally. To me, Kingston's Philosophy, Mission and Approach is the solid and secure platform that anchors me in an ever-changing industry.

Safety & Purchasing

I love Kingston because of the Mission: "We, the employees of Kingston HealthCare Company, are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best."

Facility Construction and Maintenance

Kingston is more than a place to go to work. It is a philosophy of care, a way of life if you will. The way we treat our residents and patients cannot be taught. It comes from within. As with many things in life “like attracts like”. We are a group of people drawn together to the act of supporting and encouraging those we care for and each other. We find strength from our passion for compassion and positive energy that we can create even in someone’s darkest hour. We are more than our beautiful locations, and a logo. We are a frame of mind and a desire to good.

Marketing and HR

I love Kingston because our passion and goal is to provide excellent customer service to every patient and resident! I absolutely adore our senior community and love being able to be of service...working for Kingston enables me to give back to those who have already given so much themselves! They deserve excellent customer service and nothing less! Kingston goes above and beyond in ensuring my own personal success, giving me training and tools that allow me to be the best Kingston ambassador I can be! That's why I love Kingston!

Central Billing

Everyone is treated fairly from the employees to the residents. It is a caring community and family.

Corporate Compliance MDS Accuracy

I love Kingston because of the heartwarming staff who work here. I also get a great sense of pride helping others through my work.

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