Pricing & Comparisons

Understanding Senior Living Costs

Most senior living communities charge a base monthly rent and consult with you to assess additional services needed to arrive at your total monthly estimate. Start with this helpful guide to identify any additional fees you might incur so that you can compare apples to apples when talking to different communities.

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Kingston Others
Phone Ask
Cable Ask
Wifi Ask
3 Meals / Meal Plan Ask
Snacks Ask
Transportation Ask
Housekeeping Ask (by visit?)
Laundry Ask (# of loads?)
Activities Ask
Fitness & Wellness Classes Ask
Rental Insurance × ×
Call Button Visits Ask
Bathing Assistance (if required) 2x/week Ask
Call Button Visits Ask
Weight & Vital Checkups Ask
Lab Monitoring Ask

Kingston offers Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold care levels. Our Copper level is shown above, these are standard features included for every resident. Inquire within to receive a complete summary of each care level.

Other cost considerations to keep in mind:

  • Quality of care, nurse staffing, in-house doctors and physicians?
  • Apartment size (studio, 1bdrm, 2bdrm)
  • Are there move-in or pet deposits. Are these refundable or non-refundable?
  • Does the community increase rates annually? Did they increase rates last year?
  • What are the lease terms, and does the community charge an early cancellation fee?
  • What are their billing terms?
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Compare Costs of Home, Home Health and Senior Living

This simple worksheet will help you take a more holistic perspective of the costs of living at home, using a home health service and moving into a senior living community.

Note: Mobile tables scroll horizontally.

Home Home Health Kingston
Mortgage, Rent, Condo Fees
$ $ $
$ $ Included
Property Insurance

Home owner or rental insurance

$ $ $

Property and municipal taxes

$ $ $

Gas, electricity, and water

$ $ Included
Food Expenses

Daily meals, snacks, groceries, and meals out at restaurants

$ $ Included
Transportation Expenses

Gas, insurance, car maintenance, bus fare, etc.

$ $ Included
Phone, Cable, Internet Fees
$ $ Included
Maintenance Fees

Interior and exterior repairs, general home upkeep

$ $ Included
Snow Removal and Landscaping
$ $ Included
Garbage Collection
$ $ Included
Paid Nursing Assistance

Enter hours per month x hourly rate

$ $ Included

Anything else?

$ $ $

Anything else?

$ $ $

Note: Mobile tables scroll horizontally.

Home Home Health Senior Living

Comparing Quality of Life

Choosing where to live has as much to do with lifestyle preferences, security and peace of mind as it does finances. To help bring your family's priorities into focus, have each person fill in the matrix below to conclude the benefits and amenities that mean the most to you and your loved ones.

Step 1: Under Priority Score, enter a value of 1-5 for how important each benefit is to you. 1 being lowest.

Step 2: Check the box under Home, Home Health and Kingston if they offer the benefit.

Step 3: Review the Quality of Life Score for each option automatically calculated at the bottom of the matrix.

Note: Mobile tables scroll horizontally.

Benefit/Amenity Priority Score
(Enter 1-5)
Home Home Health Kingston
Total Privacy of Home
Comforts of Home
Convenient Socialization & Activities
Control Your Own Schedule
Convenient Access to 3 Healthy Meals a Day
Secure Living Environment
Professional Medication Management
24/7 Nursing Access On-Site
Immediate Medical Emergency Response
Convenient Access to Exercise
Zero Housekeeping & Maintenance Duties
Safe & Reliable Transportation