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Kingston Senior Living News

Life at Kingston: A Couple’s Prospective

A couple residing at Kingston Residence of Marion wrote a letter on what life was like for them at Kingston: “Our decision to move to the Kingston Residence has given us peace of mind, knowing we’ve done the best for our time of life. The staff willingly sees to our needs: food, transportation, warm temperatures, clean clothing and apartment, social aspects, everything we could imagine. The people in our reception area set the tone. They are pleasant, helpful and joke with us every day. Our medical needs are watched closely and we see nurses several times a day. There is a food committee to discuss menus and receive suggestions of what foods we’d like to try. We have ‘town meetings’ to express any concerns and plan future activities. Boy, are we busy here! There’s a library, frequent entertainment, contests, crafts, movies, holiday parties, and more. The spiritual side of life is not neglected as we have church services, Bible studies and devotions on a regular basis. We have come to love and respect all those who give their time to teach and guide us. The residents made it so easy to adjust to new circumstances. We were readily accepted and our neighbors have become like family. Speaking of family, our two cats, Lucky and Socks, live with us. We never would have been content without them. Would I choose to be 25 years old and functioning at 100% capacity? You bet! I don’t have that option, but I have peace of mind, so I hum along at Kingston at a 77-year-old pace.”