2021 Kingston Residence of Marion INDOOR Visitation Guidelines & Scheduling

We’re excited to help our residents safely reunite with their families through our secure indoor visitation policy. Please see the steps below to coordinate your visit to our community.

Step 1: Visitation Decision Tree

Please refer to the decision tree below to ensure you qualify for a safe visitation to our community.

Indoor Decision Tree April2021

Step 2: Review the Visitor Guidelines Document. Complete and bring the Health Screen and COVID waiver during your visit. Click the link below to print.

- Visitor Guidelines Document

- Health Screen

- COVID Waiver

Step 3: Review Visitation Guidelines below

All visits will need to be scheduled by calling our reception desk at 740-389-2311. Please have the forms above completed in advance of your visit so not to hold up your visitation time, or others.

At this time, we are asking families to consider other residents and families and only schedule 1 (one) visit per resident in a two week period. This will change once everyone gets a chance to visit. If you have any questions or need assistance please call 740-389-2311. We are always happy to help.


Mondays: 1-3p

Wednesdays: 1-8p

Fridays: 10-5p

Every other Saturday: 10-3p

We understand that this may not work for some people and ask that if you require a different time, that you please call and we will schedule that individually. We must have ample staff to make the visits work and will do our very best.

FREQUENCY OF VISITS: As we did with outdoor visits, we will begin slowly and increase with time. To begin, we are asking that you not schedule more than 1 visit every 2 weeks, for each resident for just the first month. This again will allow all of our residents’ a family visit.

VISITING AREA: The very southeastern most apartment in Kingston. (pull into the main entrance, turn right, at the end of the parking area turn left and it is the last room you can see facing the parking area on the first floor) There are two designated and marked parking spaces for visitors only. You will find a gravel walk way and a patio with signage. You will enter through that patio door after you are greeted by a staff member. They will take your completed papers to review, give you a mask to wear, take your temperature and if all things check out, admit you into the visitation area after sanitizing your hands.

Be aware, there will be two visits conducted concurrently so we ask that you wear your own mask prior to the distribution of the clean disposable masks we hand out and ask that you observe the 6 foot social distancing requirements from the other visitors.

VISIT LENGTH: Each visitor will be required to follow a visitation time limit of 30 minutes. Time requirements are necessary to allow for sanitation of visiting areas and accommodation of visitation for all residents and guests. Please be courteous. When your visitation time is up, we will let you know. We ask that you give us a moment to help your loved one sanitize and exit the area and at that time you will be free to sanitize and leave.

NUMBER OF VISITORS: Limit of 2 assigned visitors per resident, per visit.

VISITOR ARRIVAL: All visitors are asked to park in one of the two designated visitation room parking spaces (southeast corner of the building) and again, approach the visitation room with your completed paperwork (Visitor Guideline Consent and Health Screen). You will have your temperature taken. If both your temperature and your paperwork is approved, you will be admitted to the visitation room. No pets allowed at this time. The state does outline that visitors must be at an age of maturity to facilitate social distancing and not be a distraction to other residents, visitors or staff and must be able to wear a face covering for the entire visit.

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early. Please have Visitor Guideline Consent and Health screen filled out. Staff will review this with you at the time of your visit.

1. Please have on a face mask covering your mouth and nose. We will provide you with a clean disposable mask that you will put on prior to entering the visitation area.

2. Staff member will take your temperature prior to entering the visitation room.

3. Please use hand sanitizer supplied at the entrance of the visitation room.

4. Visit will be timed according to schedule as well as supervised.

5. Once visit has concluded, please use hand sanitizer and exit the room promptly.

Please remember to bring your cell phone so we can reach you for your visit especially if something changes.

Please be aware we do not have public facilities available to visitors; therefore, please use restroom prior to visit/arrival.

SUPERVISION: Staff will be available to assist you with the CORE principles of infection control and bring your loved one to the designated area for visitation.

Residents and visitors may not leave the visiting area and must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times. Residents who leave the area may be subject to a 14-day quarantine upon returning to the area or to the facility. Vaccinated residents may embrace their visitors.

GIFT ITEMS: No food/beverage/tobacco/vaping shall be permitted during visitation. All items brought from home for a resident must follow Kingston’s policy for allowable items, including location of drop off, typical procedures for deliveries, sanitation.


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