Kingston at Dupont Covid Update, Feb 14

Thank you for trusting Kingston to care for your loved ones during these uncertain times. The safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff remains our top priority. Below, you’ll find our most recent update regarding Covid-19 at our facility. We will continue to provide you updates on our website so that we are able to commit every minute possible toward caring for and protecting everyone under our roof.

If your loved one begins showing symptoms related to Covid-19 we will be in contact with you by phone to inform you of the change in condition and to discuss care protocols. If you have any questions or require additional reassurances about your loved one, please contact our facility.

Current Positive COVID-19 Cases:

Residents: 0

Staff: 0

Current Probable COVID-19 Cases:

Residents: 0

Staff: 0

How we are preventing the spread of Covid-19

Kingston’s values and tradition of excellent care have uniquely equipped our company to prepare for this unprecedented challenge. State and county officials continue to assure us that we are taking all appropriate measures to protect everyone under our roof from this invisible virus, these include:

A no visitor policy

Health assessments and temperature readings of staff and residents

Isolating and using additional infection control measures for residents with symptoms

Protective masks are worn by residents when out of their rooms and also while receiving care. Care staff are wearing masks while in the facility

Frequent disinfection of surfaces and equipment

Regular hand-washing is being followed by staff

Proactively sending staff with any related symptoms home to quarantine

Covid-19 testing is being requested and administered for residents and staff with symptoms.

At this time we are very fortunate to have secured an adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our staff. Our Covid-19 Task Force is keeping close tabs on the supply of PPE at each of our facilities. We continue to coordinate with state and county officials and independent suppliers to procure additional supplies.

We know this is a particularly challenging time for you and I empathize with your feelings of separation and vulnerability. We hope the plans and preparations we have implemented to fight against Covid-19 provides you some comfort and reassurance. Please know that our exceptional staff is committed to providing the best level of care and daily enrichment for our residents.

While we are allocating every resource to protect everyone under our roof, we will make every effort to make ourselves available to answer questions about Covid-19 or to talk about steps we are taking to protect our residents.

Carolyn Davidson, Covid-19 Commander: 260-443-1043,

Trisha Gutierrez, Covid-19 Assistant Commander, 260-403-0984,

Kingston Corporate Hotline: 419-247-2880

If you are unable to connect with our staff, please contact your local ombudsman: Aisha Arrington, 260-469-3161,


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