Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne Covid-19 Press Release

For Immediate Release

June 17th, 2020

Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne's #1 priority is the safety and wellbeing of our staff and residents. We are grateful for the guidance we have received from the CDC and The Indiana State Department of Health to prevent Covid-19 from entering our building. Despite our unwavering vigilance, and our continued monitoring and testing of residents, we have recently experienced an outbreak of this invisible virus in our facility. Today, we have 65 active cases, and are sad to report we have experienced 4 deaths.

We have prepared for this possibility and continue to work closely with health officials who assure us that we are taking all appropriate steps to prevent further spread of Covid-19. The Indiana State Department of Health conducted a Covid-19 infection control survey at our building. During this survey the ISDH reviewed policies & procedures and observed infection control processes within the facility and we were found to be in complete compliance with all Covid-19 guidelines and infection control procedures.

  • All residents who have tested positive are being treated in our isolated respiratory unit where they are cared for by our nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and our dedicated care staff.
  • Any staff who are symptomatic or who have tested positive are required to quarantine and pass a health assessment before returning to work.
  • We are fortunate to have maintained adequate supply of PPE and we are working diligently each day to procure more supplies.
  • We remain committed to providing regular updates to residents, staff and families.
We want to thank our beloved residents and families for their continued trust and support. Although we are saddened by the impact this has had on everyone, we remain focused on protecting everyone under our roof and our spirits remain positive.

Thank you for your understanding that we cannot respond to all inquiries as we dedicate our resources toward caring for our residents and keeping their families informed.


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