Kingston of Ashland INDOOR Visitation Update

Current Status: Indoor Visitation is on HOLD due to recent COVID cases in our community.

In accordance with OHIO Director’s order, 10/12/20, we at Kingston are excitedly planning for our residents to safely reunite with their families through secure indoor visitation.

The safety of our residents, staff, and visitors is our #1 priority and Kingston is closely monitoring county COVID-19 risk levels, our ability to mitigate risks and ensure a safe environment.

As we know COVID-19 positivity rates change daily in our communities, therefore we cautiously anticipate opening indoor visitation on October 20, 2020.

Kingston will use discretion to OPEN as scheduled, delay, or stop visitation if environmental and/or resident risk increases due to active cases within the Kingston community, increased positivity rates/active case status in our surrounding community, and/or according to local hospital capacity to manage active COVID cases.

Kingston staff and residents, look forward to adding indoor visiting options, and working to update our scheduling tool on our Kingston website and posting all the guidelines and resources needed to schedule and participate in indoor visitation.

Prior to open date, we encourage you to continue to stay connected with your loved one through outdoor visits, window visits, phone calls, FaceTime, etc.

Thank you for your patience as we ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.

Jim Lark



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