Kingston of Miamisburg Visitation Update

September 14, 2021

Dear Residents, Family, Friends, and Visitors,

I would like to remind everyone that all of our residents have an order for COVID testing as needed. Out of an abundance of caution we may periodically test all the residents, regardless of vaccination status to ensure everyone’s safety. A reminder that if we have any positive cases and changes in visitation to please check our website as that is where information will be readily available.

Our ability to facilitate SAFE – OPEN VISITATION is dependent on our ability to meet the CORE PRINCIPLES OF INFECTION CONTROL, and to keep COVID-19 out of our facility. While vaccination of our residents increases our confidence to allow visitation, there are still many unknown risks with new variants of COVID-19 identified in the United States. It is incredibly important that you understand all risks and, like us, remain vigilant to ensuring the safety of our population, especially as we add visitors into our community.

The following outlines key components of our visitation protocol:

RESIDENT ELIGIBILITY for VISITATION: All residents may participate in visitation opportunities EXCEPT residents with known COVID-19 or potential exposure requiring 14-day quarantine.

VISITOR ELIGIBILITY FOR VISITATION: NO ACTIVE COVID-19, NO KNOWN EXPOSURES, NO RECENT TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF STATE IN PAST 14 DAYS. All visitors must comply with CORE PRINCIPLES OF INFECTION CONTROL, sign waiver of COVID-19 risk, and consent to screening, temperature check, including disclosure of COVID-19 or known exposures. KN95 mask is required throughout all visit(s) and is provided by the facility, and hand hygiene prior to, during and after visit. Additional personal protective equipment may be necessary for some visitation, and facility staff will alert you if needed.

TESTING OF VISITORS: Kingston is not currently requiring testing of visitors in public visitation areas due to masking social distancing, and hand hygiene practices being followed. However, testing of visitors is subject to change in the future as needs are identified.

We look forward to seeing you and are thankful you are collaborating with us to ensure the people who live, work and visit our community are protected.


Kara Jones, Administrator


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