Kingston Residence of Hickory OUTDOOR Visitation Guidelines & Scheduling

We’re excited to help our residents safely reunite with their families through our secure outdoor visitation policy. For now, we are requiring a maximum of 2 guests per visit (aged 18+). Please see the steps below to coordinate your visit to our community.

Step 1: Visitation Decision Tree
Please refer to the decision tree below to ensure you qualify for a safe visitation to our community.

NC Outdoor Decision Tree

Step 2: Complete and bring the Visitation Form, Health Screen and COVID waiver to your visit. Click the link below to print. If you are unable to complete in advance, please arrive to your visitation 15 minutes early and we will provide you the forms to fill out.

- Visitation Form

- Health Screen

- COVID Waiver

Step 3: Review Visitation Guidelines below

SCHEDULING OF OUTDOOR VISITS: All OUTDOOR visits at Kingston will need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance. To use our online scheduling tool please click here. For questions or assistance call Kim Barrier, Activity Director at 828-327-9955 or by email It is each resident’s right to choose whether they accept visitors.

FREQUENCY OF VISITS: The safety of our residents, staff and visitors, is our priority, so OUTDOOR VISITATION will begin slowly, 1 x a week, and increase with time. To begin, we are asking that you not schedule more than 1 visit every week.

VISITING HOURS: Monday and Wednesday (11 AM, 12-5 pm) , Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (11 AM, 12 PM AND 3 PM) Visiting times are subject to change and appointment availability will be listed on Kingston Scheduling tool. VISITING AREA: Outdoor visitation will be held on the front porch.

PARKING: Kingston parking lot

VISIT LENGTH: Length of visitation times may vary, please contact our community or refer to our online scheduling site for the latest information.

NUMBER OF VISITORS: Limit of 2 assigned visitors per resident (No visitors under the age of 18)

VISITOR ARRIVAL: Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early.

1. Please have Visitor Guideline Consent, waiver and health screen filled out. Staff will review with you.

2. Please have on face mask. (All visitors are required to wear medical grade mask and 6 ft social distance)

3. Staff will seat you in the visiting area and staff will bring your loved one to the visiting area

4. Please use hand sanitizer/perform hand hygiene at the entrance area.

5. Visit will be timed according to schedule.

6. Once visit has concluded, please use hand sanitizer and exit the porch area promptly.

7. Plan to monitor self for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days following visit

Please be aware we do not have public facilities available to visitors; therefore, please use restroom prior to visit/arrival.

SUPERVISION: Staff will bring your loved one to the designated area for visitation. For the safety of our residents, staff, and visitors, it is necessary for a Kingston employee or volunteer to supervise all visitation, at this time, to ensure compliance with risk mitigation strategies. There should be no touching, kissing, or hugging during visits.

Residents and visitors may not leave the visiting area and must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times. Residents who leave the area may be subject to a 14-day quarantine upon returning to the area or to the facility.

GIFT ITEMS: No food/beverage/tobacco/vaping shall be permitted during visitation. All items brought from home for a resident must follow Kingston’s policy for allowable items, including location of drop off, typical procedures for deliveries, sanitation.

VISITOR SCREENING REQUIREMENTS: All visitors must cooperate with the facility’s screening process at each visit and attest to not having symptoms (fever equal to or greater than 1000 F, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle aches, chills or new onset of loss of taste or smell) prior to resident being transported to the designated space. Visitors with symptoms will not be able to visit. If symptoms present or known positive Covid-19 status, visitor will be required to provide facility with Doctor’s note/local health department release that they no longer require transmission based precautions/quarantine. Visitors should also report any onset of symptoms or diagnosis of COVID-19, developed within 2 days of having visited a resident


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