Kingston Residence of Vermilion INDOOR Visitation Guidelines & Scheduling

We’re excited to help our residents safely reunite with their families through our secure indoor visitation policy - beginning October 20th. For now, we are requiring a maximum of 2 guests for each visit. Please see the steps below to coordinate your visit to our community.

In compliance with CDC, ODH, and Kingston guidelines, visitation is restricted for the following reasons:

1. New admission/re-admission – no visitation for a 14 day period from admission

2. Respiratory symptoms – no visitation until cleared by the facility, please call for direction

3. Doctor visit outside of the facility will place resident in 14 day no visitation restriction (each occurrence)

Step 1: Visitation Decision Tree

Please refer to the decision tree below to ensure you qualify for a safe visitation to our community.

OH Indoor Visitation Decision Tree

Step 2: Health Assessment

Visitors (maximum of 2 per visit) should print, fill out and and bring our health assessment form, click here to access. If you are unable to print this form, we will provide you a blank form for you to review and sign upon your arrival, please plan to arrive in advance of your scheduled visit to complete. Temperature readings will be performed on site. Thank you for your honest responses so that we can continue to protect our residents and staff from risks of exposure to COVID-19.

Step 3: Visitation Guidelines Acknowledgement & Waiver Form

Please review, print, sign and bring our visitation guidelines and acknowledgements form to ensure a safe interaction with your loved one, click here to access. Please also complete our waiver form, click here to access.

If you are unable to print these forms, we will provide a copy for you to review and sign upon your arrival, please plan to arrive in advance of your scheduled visit to complete.

Step 4: Coordinating Your Visit

All visits at Kingston Residence of Vermilion will need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Visitation hours: 1p-4p, Tuesday through Saturday

To schedule a visit: Please visit our scheduling site by clicking here. You may also call 440-967-2424, between 9a and 3p, Monday to Friday.

Scheduler/Coordinator: Katy/Activity Director; Liz Lang/Hospitality Aide

To allow for others to schedule a visit, please limit to 1 appointment each 1 week. Visits will be limited to 30 minutes so that we can maximize opportunities for more families to see their loved ones while allowing our staff time to sanitize after each visit.

We hope to increase our scheduling capacity as we go, in the meantime, thank you for your patience and mindfulness of our other residents and their families.

Kingston will continue to monitor our ability to meet safe environmental conditions. Visitation is subject to change if Kingston is not able to maintain risk mitigation strategies to ensure the safety of our residents, staff, and visitors. VISITATION MAY BE LIMITED under CAUTIONARY discretion of management and STOPPED if environmental and/or resident risk increases due case status in surrounding community, case status in the facility, staffing levels, access to adequate testing for residents and staff, personal protective equipment supplies and local hospital capacity to manage active COVID-19 cases.

In accordance with the (OHIO) Director’s order (10/12/20), Kingston facilities will plan for scheduled-INDOOR Visitation, unless facility is OUTBREAK TESTING due to NEW Facility-onset COVID-19 case, HIGH County risk (RED/PURPLE) on OHIO Public Health Advisory System and/or directed by local or state authorities not to open. If outbreak testing, facility will open Visitation following 14-day period with no new COVID-19 cases.

Kingston’s priority is the safety of residents, staff, and visitors and OUTDOOR Visitation remains the preferred venue for safest visitation, due to air space and less risk for transmission.

Residents, Staff and Visitors will be required to follow all CORE Principles of Infection Control and risk mitigation to protect residents, staff, and other visitors and in compliance with Ohio Administrative Code 3701-17-11(D) and 3701-16-12(C). Visitors are not permitted to wander into areas that are not designated for visitation or mingle with other residents. Visitors who are not compliant, should not be granted further visitation, unless the non-compliance can be resolved with additional risk mitigation actions to ensure the safety of resident. Visits are to be non-physical contact and should contact between resident/visitor occur, resident should be assisted with clothing changes following visitation.

Residents in Transmission-Based Precautions (TBP) will not be eligible for INDOOR or OUTDOOR visitation until they meet the CDC guidelines for removal from TBP, but may have closed window visits or virtual visits.

INDOOR Visitation: Must be scheduled and will be held in designated visitation areas, easily cleaned/sanitized in between visitors.

Kingston will offer a variety of visitation days, and times, and visiting times may be a mix of INDOOR and OUTDOOR visitation. Visitor guidelines and building specific details regarding visitation days, times, and procedures will be posted Kingston Website.

STATE REPORTING: Kingston will “regularly” report visitation information to the State via an online dashboard. Visitation information shall be regularly reported to the State in accordance with guidelines developed by the Department of Health and the Department of Aging. Homes required to report shall register with the state no later than October 19, 2020 via an online dashboard at information includes all the following:


INDOOR Visitations should be paused if:

· There has been a positive NEW case in the last 14 days and facility is OUTBREAK Testing- The facility has had a facility-onset COVID-19 case in the past 14 days (an outbreak)

· OHIO Public Health Advisory is red or purple

· Instructed per local, state officials to pause

Re-opening INDOOR Visitation: NO NEW ONSET OF COVID-19 CASE X 14 DAYS.


Should only be conducted in COVID-free areas of facility.

For all compassionate care visits, visitor should be aware of risks and understand need for social distancing, and wear appropriate PPE equipment. If during a compassionate care visit, a visitor and home identify a way to allow for personal contact, it should only be done following all appropriate infection control prevention guidelines, and for a limited amount of time.

Compassion visits should not be conducted on a routine basis, nor should these visits be used to substitute regular routine visits.

Visits should be allowed even during OUTBREAK TESTING. (See OH EOL VISITS for definitions of Compassion Care Circumstances).

Testing of Visitors: Kingston is not requiring visitor testing at this time, but visitor testing could be subject to future changes. Kingston expect all visitors to be screened prior to any visit with resident, by Kingston personnel, for any signs/symptoms of COVID-19. If visitor is approved for visitation, personnel will ensure social distancing and medical grade mask is utilized to reduce COVID-19 risk.


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