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I Know It’s You Because of How You Smile at Me.

Crissy Carpenter, HR Manager at Kingston of Miamisburg, shares a letter written by STNA Pam McLaughlin: “Today I sat with a resident that was declining. As I sat there, I told her the story of the first time I took care of her: You looked up at me and smiled and said, ‘There you are, he told me he was sending me a Guardian Angel. I know it’s you because of how you smile at me.’ As I was telling her this story, I was reminded of what my Dad told me many years ago. I was upset because I felt I didn’t have a talent. My sister was artistic and my brothers were musical; I was neither. My Dad told me I had the greatest talent…I took care of people. I stated, ‘That’s not a talent.’ He let me know not everyone could do what I do and that it takes a special kind of person to care for someone. This is a special talent that God only gives to certain people. As I got up from the bedside and looked around KOM, I could see a building full of people with this special talent. The STNA that walks by two residents every day and says, ‘Hi, how are my sunshine girls?’ and they laugh. The STNA that pays for a beauty shop appointment because the resident can’t afford it. The nurse that is on her knees in front of a resident holding her while she is crying, letting her know she is there for her. The cook that goes out and buys chocolate covered cherries for a resident because she knows it’s her favorite. The social worker that comes down the hallway every day to visit a resident that is declining. These kind deeds happen at Kingston daily by any of our staff. To all of you at Kingston, you may not see how special you are, but I do. My Dad said you had to have the heart for this kind of work or you couldn’t do it. KOM is filled with people with heart. I am proud to be a part of the Kingston family. My sister and niece also work here. They are the ones that let me know how great Kingston was and encouraged me to come to Kingston. I thank you for letting me continue doing what I love and letting me make a difference.”