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No One Takes Care of You Like Kingston

Providing genuine care is more than a promise, it's a shared sense of purpose that defines our culture and our communities.

Kingston of Ashland

Ashland's premier skilled nursing destination specializing in Respiratory Therapy, Kingston of Ashland is a vibrant community where rehabilitation and long term care residents can thrive.

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The Kingston Approach

Come Thrive with Us

Every Resident. Every Story. Every Day.

We cordially invite you to experience a new and better way of life at our best-in-class senior living and rehabilitation communities.

Come to work, come to live, come to visit and see why Kingston is a place where everyone flourishes!

The Kingston Approach

We are proud to work by the Kingston Approach, a galvanizing manifesto calling on the industry's most compassionate caregivers to leave an indelible mark on their co-workers, residents and community.

Proudly Independent

Kingston is a beacon of stability and integrity. Since 1989, we've been independently owned and operated under the visionary leadership of our president and CEO, George Rumman.

Personal Touch

When it comes time to choose your future, consider the advantages of Kingston, a company with a 30-year track record of prioritizing the wellbeing of caregivers and residents above all else.

Create a Career of Caring

What are you working toward?

A brighter future? Changing lives? A better work life balance? At Kingston, we're creating an environment of caring like no one else. See why the industry's best caregivers choose to grow with us.

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