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Living together as a couple at Kington’s Assisted Living communities

For senior couples who are preparing to navigate life beyond the familiar confines of their family homes, senior living communities can offer an ideal environment to live and grow more closely together.

Often, seniors will put off the transition to a senior living community because they feel obligated to look after each other and they associate the move with a separation or split from their lives together.

At Kingston, that doesn’t have to be the case. Couples can live together in the comfort and privacy of sprawling 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, while enjoying the peace of mind that trained nurses are always available to help.

In fact, it’s quite common for senior couples who require different levels of care to live together in the same apartment, according to Kingston employee Dodi Chaney. “Many times this is why a couple decides to move in at Kingston,” said Chaney. “The resident who doesn’t require as much care is usually the caregiver at home — and they’re finding it harder to do.”

Alice and Russ Cupp moved into a Kingston facility together. Russ requires more personalized medical care than Alice, and she finds it comforting that she no longer has to be solely responsible for his care. “Russ’ medical needs are very closely monitored and promptly addressed,” Alice said. “I’m not singularly responsible for his safety and care. I have help — well-trained help! I’m no longer fearful of doing the wrong thing if he experiences a medical episode.”

The support of a community helps senior relationships thrive in new ways. Re-energized from newfound free time and social interactions, couples feel more capable of looking after each other. They engage in more leisure time, often walking the hallways of their new sprawling and secure homestead, planning dinner dates, inviting family and friends over for card games and movies.

Only on rare occasions are spouses unable to live together. One reason would be if a spouse required Memory Care (a secured unit due to possible wandering). In this case, the other spouse may choose to live in an independent or assisted living apartment – while visiting their loved one in the memory care wing each day.

Whether you live together in the same room, or just down the hall, there’s more life to enjoy together at Kingston. The next time you’re in town, drop in for a look around our couple-friendly community, or schedule a tour here.