Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne

I have been here for 30 years and I do not believe I could work anywhere else that fills my heart more than Kingston.


I love Kingston because of the sense of belonging here. The staff form relationships with the residents so we are more than just caregivers; we are a family. I am lucky to have a career that I enjoy, where I can make a difference in people's lives.


What I love about Kingston is that it has a loving and caring atmosphere. When I come to work I know I am going to have a good day. That is because our residents are well taken care of. They always have smiles on there faces. I like how the whole team works as a unit and everyone is willing to help out. I love Kingston because Kingston is family, a big loving family. I wouldn't want to work at any other place.


Our facility is a family. Once you have visited our building, you will understand. As we have grown, so has our family. We are family. What hurts one, hurts us all. I have been with Kingston for 15 years. The reason I chose Kingston was the opportunity to grow and excel in the things that I like to do. I am not stifled in one job. I have had the opportunity to work with a special group of people. They care for the residents more than I have ever seen. We have all cried together when we lost anyone in our family and I love Kingston because of the caring administration and because of the CEO's support. I have opportunities to expand my skills; I have a excellent boss!


I love Kingston because they have been my other family for over 12 years now. I feel like all the workers and residents care for me as one of there own family members. I can always count on Kingston.


Kingston took a chance on me 9 years ago as I was just starting out as a new nurse and I'm still here. I like the atmosphere and love the residents.


I love Kingston because everyday I that I work I have the opportunity to make someone's day better.


I am loving the residents and the staff!


22 1/2 reasons why I love Kingston:

1. Kingston HealthCare has the same owners for all of my 22.5 years. Not many companies can say that!

2. I was interviewed by all department heads. They inspired me to work for this company.

3. When I first started, the DON said her door was always open if I needed anything.

4. I have watched so many wonderful people move up in the company

5. The residents are so special. When a family says good luck with making mom happy, all the staff go the extra mile to make sure Mom is happy. Our staff go above and beyond together everyday!

6. Kingston lets you move on within the company. After 6.5 years with KCCFW, I moved to KRFW. I was ready for a change. I knew the Administrator and always wanted to work with her. They blessed the move and I went to Kingston Residence. It was so nice; though I do miss the staff at KCCFW.

7. The special events Kingston puts on are so wonderful. A lot of work, but all the buildings pull together to get it done. I get to work with old friends and make new friends.

8. My grandmother lived at KRFW for almost 3 years. When I introduced her to George (Kingston's CEO) she thought he was very nice.

9. My whole family got to meet my work family. At one of KRFW's family picnics we had 22 family members. To be blessed with a company who goes above and beyond for their staff and residents and families is unheard of unless you work for Kingston.

10. All of my 6 grandchildren have been born since I've worked for Kingston. They have participated in Trick or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and egg hunts all at Grandma's work. All our Kingston staff have shared their families with us at these events. How many other jobs out there that you can do that?

11. Where were you on 9-11? I was with a team of other Kingston employees cleaning our new KAD. Most of the staff who were there that day still work for Kingston.

12. I smile when I say I work for Kingston, You don't stay at a job if you aren't treated well.

13. We have made a many changes at KRFW, all with a lot of teamwork from staff. Our Administrator is right there leading the way.

14. There has not been a day in the past 22.5 years at Kingston that I haven't laughed or hugged someone.

15. Our residents are wonderful. To please them is the highlight of working for Kingston. We have the time to get our work done plus make so many peoples day better! Everywhere you look in our building you see staff helping residents.

16. You see staff helping staff.

17. You feel really cared about because our staff cares.

18. Our staff really care about making residents feel cared for and the residents and families feel it.

19. I smile when I walk in the door every morning and smile walking out. You often see staff who are leaving lingering in the parking lot still talking and laughing.

20. You feel the love when you walk into Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne.

21. A big part of my happiness with life is working at Kingston and helping the residents I love.

22. I have made friends and memories for a lifetime with the residents and families.

22.5. Thank you Kingston for 22.5 years!!

Environmental Services

I love the care of people at Kingston.


I became a Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne employee in 2001. I knew that I was going to be here for awhile. Everyone was friendly. Residents and Employees made you feel like family. I am glad to be in the Kingston Family!


Our residents are awesome and on top of that I am able to be promoted into positions of more responsibility that have really helped me to ready myself for my career as a nurse. I don't think I could have had the opportunity to become a MA-C if it weren't for Kingston. I am proud to say that I know everyone here wants me to succeed and be the best that I can be. Kingston does it's absolute best to set their workers up to be successful because they know at the end of the day a failure for one is a failure for all of us. I have been with Kingston for going on four years and I have seen many changes but what has not changed is the fact that we try to do our best in bringing in people that have the same desires which is to make our residents feel at home and provide the best care that we possibly can for each and every one of our residents.


I love Kingston for many reasons... coworkers, residents, job opportunities, utilizing my skills. But the thing that sticks out the most in my day to day interactions is the challenges that help me to grow to become a better nurse.. a better person. Over the past 10 years I feel the growth, maturity, and professionalism I have developed from all that I have accomplished thus far. I love Kingston for standing by my side in my career choice.


I love Kingston because of the special relationships that I have with my residents and the special relationships I have with my co-workers. They're like family.


I love working for Kingston because I enjoy the best of both worlds! I have the privilege of interacting with our residents, families and staff on a daily basis. And I also have the opportunity to be involved in the community and educate people on the benefits of choosing Kingston for their healthcare needs.

Marketing / Admissions

I have been blessed to work with some exceptionally great people over the years. Three of which now hold leadership roles within Kingston, some who have worked at Kingston through high school and college who are now lawyers, accountants, nurses, paramedics and teachers. I am privileged to work with phenomenal individuals who are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best. Over half of our staff have been with Kingston over 5 years. I truly love Kingston and it’s culture we have created. I love the people I work with, the residents and the families we serve.


Kingston is more than a place to go to work. It is a philosophy of care, a way of life if you will. The way we treat our residents and patients cannot be taught. It comes from within. As with many things in life “like attracts like”. We are a group of people drawn together to the act of supporting and encouraging those we care for and each other. We find strength from our passion for compassion and positive energy that we can create even in someone’s darkest hour. We are more than our beautiful locations, and a logo. We are a frame of mind and a desire to good.

Marketing and HR

I love Kingston because our passion and goal is to provide excellent customer service to every patient and resident! I absolutely adore our senior community and love being able to be of service...working for Kingston enables me to give back to those who have already given so much themselves! They deserve excellent customer service and nothing less! Kingston goes above and beyond in ensuring my own personal success, giving me training and tools that allow me to be the best Kingston ambassador I can be! That's why I love Kingston!

Central Billing

Everyone is treated fairly from the employees to the residents. It is a caring community and family.

Corporate Compliance MDS Accuracy

I love Kingston because of the heartwarming staff who work here. I also get a great sense of pride helping others through my work.


I have had the pleasure of working for Kingston for the past 25 years in a variety of roles. Kingston challenges me with opportunities to grow and develop professionally. To me, Kingston's Philosophy, Mission and Approach is the solid and secure platform that anchors me in an ever-changing industry.

Safety & Purchasing

I love Kingston because of the Mission: "We, the employees of Kingston HealthCare Company, are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best."

Facility Construction and Maintenance
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