The more you learn about the risks of stroke, the easier it is to prevent the pause in life.

Rebuild Your Life After A Stroke at Kingston Living Facilities

The Power to Press Play Again

At the Kingston Stroke Care Program, we design our therapy specifically to enhance the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new connections, in order to overcome deficits and regain function. The sooner you begin stroke rehabilitation, the more likely you are to regain lost abilities and skills and press play again.

Life After a Stroke

Rehabilitation is imperative following a stroke. Our dedicated team and exceptional care facility offer just the right environment for successful, best-scenario outcomes. It’s never easy starting over, but having experienced stroke recovery experts with you every step of the way makes the challenge of resuming life after a stroke much more manageable.

Rebuild, Renew, and Resume at Kingston

Kingston HealthCare is proud to play an important part in helping stroke survivors put their lives back in motion. We are devoted to stroke recovery, offering patients and their families hope to resume quality of life. Our modern, dedicated stroke care environment provides the region’s best chance for successful post-stroke outcomes.

Meet Our Specialists

Stacey Hoffman M.D.

Medical Director Kingston HealthCare Company

Kingston_DoctorHoffmanStacey Hoffman, M.D., is the Medical Director and Attending Physician for Kingston HealthCare Company. Dr. Hoffman’s initial focus is to manage Kingston’s stroke recovery program and other specialized services that will further enhance Kingston’s clinical expertise. She currently serves patients at Kingston Rehabilitation of Perrysburg. The facility opened in August 2013 and features a warm salt water pool, private spacious rooms, and state-of-the-art clinical and therapeutic amenities. Unlike most other skilled rehabilitation centers, Kingston offers one-to-one therapy treatments available seven days a week supported by a collaborative team of physician partners. In addition, the facility holds one of highest customer satisfaction ratings in the state. The center recently opened a dedicated program to support patients who require stroke recovery between hospital and home.

Dr. Hoffman received her Doctor of Medicine Degree from University of Toledo College of Medicine, Toledo, OH. She worked as a registered nurse on the medical/surgical floor at University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC) while completing her degree. She also completed her residency at UTMC. As a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, she is trained in the treatment of conditions related to the brain spinal cord, muscles, and bones, spanning from traumatic brain injury (including stroke) to lower back pain.

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