Life Perks

At Kingston, life only gets better. Check out some of the perks we offer.

Financial Freedom

Kingston is proud to offer competitive wage structures and benefits packages, including paid vacation and a 401(k) package where we match 50% of the first 4% you put into your plan. Did you know Kingston has offered pay increases every year for 30 years in a row?

Unrivaled Care Standards & Results

If you value the opportunity to deliver unrivaled outcomes to patients and residents, look no further than Kingston. Our caregiver-to-patient ratios and training standards are amongst the highest in the country. Our layered approach to nurse and aid staffing affords caregivers greater autonomy to perform the roles they specialize in and maximize their impact on resident and patient wellness.

Accelerated Career Growth

At Kingston, you'll work alongside a professional and highly engaged management team who support your goals of delivering exceptional care while achieving career growth. We proudly offer some of the highest training standards in the country, educational advancement, tuition reimbursement and free CMA training. At Kingston, 80% of executive and leadership positions are held by women - the majority of whom began their careers at Kingston serving residents and patients in our senior living and skilled nursing communities.

Uplifting Culture & Work Environment

What would it be like to arrive to work everyday with a smile on your face and a deep sense of pride toward your employer? Tour our buildings and you'll quickly realize the unique emphasis Kingston places on work environment, starting with updated, spacious and inviting settings to work within. Creating a culture of positivity and genuine care for our residents and staff is paramount at Kingston. Ask around your network of peers and you'll uncover moving stories of the unique family dynamic that is fostered amongst staff, residents and community members.

Patient Load and Selectivity

One foundational aspect of creating an enjoyable work environment is patient load. At Kingston, we recognize that assigning manageable patient loads and fostering feedback loops between staff members is essential for increasing quality of care and eliminating risk factors that create burnout and mistakes.

Employer Stability & Integrity

What are the perks of working for an independently-owned healthcare company? In an era where corporate mergers, downsizing and closings can create uncertainty for caregivers and residents, Kingston has been a beacon of responsible growth, stability and integrity. Since 1989 Kingston has built a 30 year track record of maintaining high staffing levels and prioritizing the well-being of caregivers and residents above all else.