Assisted Living

The Highest Standard in Assisted Living

Kingston's 7 assisted living communities garner some of the highest resident satisfaction scores in our industry.

Day in and day out, Kingston aspires to create the best quality of life possible for our residents, an effort that is validated year after year with some of the highest resident satisfaction scores in our industry.

If you’re considering senior living and have yet to tour one of our assisted living communities, what are you waiting for? If you’re short on time, here’s a brief walk-through to help you get a sense of what life inside our special community is all about.

It's The Little Things That Make All The Difference

Take just one walk through our community and you’ll quickly realize that there’s no place like Kingston. We’ve heard it over and over again from tour guests who become residents, “after looking at other options, my mom just felt more at home at Kingston”.

What’s in our secret sauce that makes Kingston feel more like home than anywhere else? We like to think its the many indescribable details that manifest when you walk through our front door that add up to that magical, intuitive feeling of “‘i’m home”.

"Kingston felt homey, not corporate and cavernous like other communities"

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Sitting at Kingston at Dupont's Patio

"It's the glow of the morning sun as residents sift through their morning papers"

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"It's the sights and sounds of a bustling diner, with warm breakfast and service"


"It's the pure joy of two neighbors greeting each other with hugs in the hallway"


"It's the way the residents light up when a family dog comes to visit!"


"It's the sincere bond the residents share with their book club coordinator"


What's Inside our Assisted Living Community?

To calibrate your imagination, picture a quaint apartment complex with private living units and pockets of shared community spaces inside.


Our apartments boast some of the largest floor plans around, with spacious living areas to host company or snuggle up to a movie or a book on the couch. Even our studios offer roomy bathrooms and closets, with plenty of real estate to furnish and decorate with your cherished belongings. Many of our apartments offer kitchenettes with space to invite guests to your kitchen table for snacks and desserts.

What really makes Kingston feel like home is the unique touch each resident decorates their apartment with. You'll find bird feeders hanging outside patios, custom decorated wreaths adorning front doors and family pictures and heirlooms brought from home.


Beyond the comforts of your apartment is where you’ll truly appreciate the benefits of living in a community like Kingston. Our communities feature a host of gathering spaces, including a large living room, a full-service kitchen and cafe, dining areas, a salon and libraries to enjoy a good book in peace and quiet.

Perhaps the most utilized and defining area of community life at Kingston are our hallways. Here, you’ll find the mailman dropping off letters to residents from family members, caregivers offering a guiding hand toward the front patio, exercise instructors offering after class tips to residents, and grandkids stopping by for a takeout lunch with their grandparents.

It’s not any one room that captures the Kingston resident experience, it’s the common grounds we all share that makes our community feel like home.

Everything (and anyone) You Need Is Right Here

The on-site services and conveniences that only an assisted living community can provide is where our residents truly find the most value. Imagine the free time you could unlock by having 3 healthy meals prepared for you each day - with no planning, shopping, cleaning or tupperware searching involved!

Beyond the advantages of daily meal preparation, our team of caregivers look after our resident’s needs every moment of the day, whether it be remedying loneliness with a genuine conversation, a steady hand to walk down the hallway or tending to an urgent medical need. It’s no wonder our residents and caregivers come to know each other by name and consider each other second family.

Kingston proudly upholds the highest standards of caregiver training and staffing - with our primary measure of service being the treatment of all residents with dignity, compassion and respect. Our truly unique Kingston Approach provides our guests and their families peace of mind knowing they are in the best hands possible.


Our nursing staff is just the beginning of the support system we offer residents. You’ll also find dietary aides who are responsible for ensuring our residents are eating and receiving the requisite amount of nourishment.

Our housekeeping staff might be amongst the most familiar faces to our residents, making their regular visits to change over beds, sweep under rugs and ensure our residents are living in a clean and comfortable environment.

Our maintenance staff, who are often our most tenured team members, will make appointments to replace a light switch, install a ceiling fan or help you rearrange furniture.

The first person everyone sees as they walk through our doors is the front desk staff. They’re the do-it-all team members who keep tabs on everyone coming in and out of our community, while also helping residents with the day’s pressing requests, from checking on Amazon deliveries, to arranging for a pizza, to hailing our concierge shuttle to get a resident to a surprise birthday party.

Amongst our post popular staff members are our shuttle drivers, who are responsible for the safe and friendly transport of our residents to and from their favorite weekly field trips. In many instances, our drivers have helped escort residents to important doctor appointments when family is unavailable.

Life Outside Our Assisted Living Community


Much of life at Kingston takes place outdoors, where residents can safely appreciate mother nature. You’ll find almost every one of our communities offers supremely maintained outdoor spaces, from balconies and patios, to courtyards and gardens that spring to life every year with the help of residents.

Our front patios summon residents each day to greet the ice cream truck, keep tabs on comers and goers, and await a visit from a family member. The expressions of contentment on the resident’s faces while they soak in the fresh air of a new day or the glowing sunset of an expiring evening is one of the most perspective-forming moments our caregivers witness from our residents.

At Kingston, our residents day-to-day living is hardly confined to the immediate grounds of our community - they’ve got places to see and go! Our residents are eager to take advantage of our community concierge shuttles, who transport our residents to and from doctors appointments, lunch excursions and field trips to baseball games, craft stores and museums.

Renewed Quality Time For Families


Perhaps the most significant benefit for the residents of our assisted living communities is the newfound quality time they’re able to share with their family and loved ones.

It’s amazing to witness families experience this transformation. When the little things in life are looked after, the home is tidy, mom is dressed, dad isn’t falling anymore, the bills are paid, there’s no lawn to look after - the family experiences a heightened ability to enjoy each other.

We see it all the time, there’s a poignant difference in the faces of the adult children on the day they come in for a tour, often worried and fatigued -- compared to the expression and warmth they arrive to our community with once their parents have settled in.

Perhaps that’s really at the heart of this indescribable energy and sense of home that is unique to Kingston. It’s the magical aura of residents, families and professional caregivers soaking up the precious time they have left together.

At Kingston, we couldn’t imagine providing your family a more splendid gift.



Kingston Assisted Living residents can choose from a range of living spaces, from studio apartments to one and two bedroom options. In addition, each Kingston Residence features well appointed community spaces to relax and socialize.


The team at Kingston is dedicated to delivering genuine care and genuine compassion. Residents have access to licensed nurses as well as medication administration, chronic disease management and a full-time on-staff nurse practitioner.


Assisted Living residents and their families can rest assured that genuine care and security is always close at hand. In addition to providing 24/7 medical support, our people get to know every resident — for total peace of mind.

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