The Kingston Approach


Our Mission

We The Employees of Kingston HealthCare Company are committed to setting an example for others to follow by being honest, respectful, friendly and encouraging everyone to be their best.

Our Philosophy

Kingston HealthCare Company believes it's employees to be it's most important asset.

We pledge to:

  • Consider each employee's ideas as valuable and encourage a free exchange of information.
  • Provide the necessary leadership, coaching, information, tools, resources and training for employees to do their jobs well.
  • Encourage personal growth and understand the needs and desires of each employee

Our Approach

Kingston HealthCare Company values individuals whose character and attitude promotes our mission. All employees are expected to champion the Kingston Approach.

  1. Ensure the safety and well-being of all Kingston residents and employees
  2. Show genuine caring for all Kingston residents and coworkers
  3. Do what is right, even when no one is watching
  4. Be flexible to work within our dynamic and changing environments
  5. Ensure confidentiality, which includes creating a workplace free from rumors and gossip
  6. Never initiate or participate in defamation of current or former employees
  7. Resolve differences among coworkers and act in a manner that strengthens the team
  8. Accept responsibility for their behavior and decisions and never shift blame to others
  9. Provide factual information in a diplomatic way
  10. Identify priorities and use determination to accomplish them by asking the right questions and removing barriers
  11. Do things right the first time
  12. Always strive for continuous improvement
  13. Recognize the contributions of others
  14. Exceed expectations
  15. Have fun :)

Our Result

Kingston is a great place to work with engaged employees who provide outstanding care for their residents and achieves financial success.