Memory Care

Comforting, Compassionate Care

Memory Care is specially designed to provide soothing, enriching care for adults with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Kingston staff members undergo special training to help with communication and the management of dementia symptoms like Sundowner’s syndrome, wandering or agitation.

Kingston understands all the emotions that go into helping a family member transition into Memory Care. Because we recognize indicators that residents may not be able to express, such as thirst, discomfort or ailments, families can rest easy knowing their loved ones’ needs are being met.

Providing Moments of Meaning in Memory Care

Every moment offers an opportunity to connect. In addition to providing the best in medical care for residents, our staff is also there to offer positive daily activities that match their individual cognitive level and personal interest. Through music, conversation and more, we provide chances to enrich every day for every resident.

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The team at Kingston is dedicated to delivering genuine care and genuine compassion. Residents have access to licensed nurses as well as medication administration, chronic disease management and a full-time on-staff nurse practitioner.


Throughout the day, Kingston residents can enjoy a number of enriching activities designed to elicit meaningful interaction. Kingston staff is trained in not only the medical aspects of memory care, but also the importance of genuine compassion.


Kingston staff is on hand to help every resident through their daily activities, including dressing, bathing, dining and toileting. Housekeeping and laundry services are also provided, as well as on-site safety and security.

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