Memory Care

Comforting, Compassionate Care

Each of our memory care communities are specially designed to provide excellent and enriching care for adults living with dementia, Alzheimer's and related conditions, who require regular assistance. Our team is dedicated to delivering genuine care and compassion, while establishing trust with our residents and their families.

For over 20 years, Kingston has built an exceptional legacy of elevating the quality of life for residents through evidence-based dementia care practices. Our staff undergo specialized training so that we can detect and manage the unique needs of our residents. Each and every day, our team strives to care for our residents with skill, dignity and kindness so that they feel valued, productive and purposeful.

Techniques You Can Trust

We understand all of the changes, emotions and actions that occur as a result of memory loss and know exactly how to manage them. Much of our effort goes into learning and practicing techniques that allow us to properly approach our residents. What really makes us unique is that we take it one step further and educate our residents' family members on which techniques influence the best possible behaviors. Knowing how to sufficiently approach, interact and communicate with your loved one will keep them happy, and ultimately, help you maintain a healthy relationship.

Intensive Training With Outstanding Results

Our staff is specially trained in Teepa Snow's Positive Approach to Care, a program that provides dementia care training, services and products to caregivers around the world. This exceptional training helps us to effectively work with our residents in a unique and compassionate way.

This particular level of training encourages us to see our residents as precious and unique in order to focus on their existing capabilities, rather than focusing on their losses. To help us achieve this, we use Teepa Snow's GEMS model, which includes 6 different gemstones, or levels, that our residents can be divided into based on their particular stage of dementia. This model serves as an individualized technique to make sure each resident is receiving the proper care and is participating in activities that truly make them happy. Just as gemstones need different settings and levels of care to show their best qualities, so do our residents.

Another significant part of our training involves role playing and sensitivity training, which allows us to perform typical tasks, while experiencing common dementia symptoms. This helps us to understand why our residents act out in certain ways, which ultimately assists us in identifying the challenge and properly reacting.

Days May Not Be Remembered, But Moments Will Be

At Kingston, we believe that every moment offers an opportunity to connect. We truly take pride in providing person-centered care to establish the most genuine connections with each of our residents.

We prioritize getting to know our residents, not only while they are living here, but before they even move in. Each resident submits a facts and insights form, which includes information about their backgrounds, interests and preferences. These forms help us to promote happiness by forming connections, developing relationships, and encouraging our residents to participate in activities that we know they will enjoy.

By dedicating our time to truly getting to know our residents, we not only improve their lives, but we improve the lives of their family members by giving them a sense of comfort and confidence that our team of caregivers understand their loved one and can respond with sensitivity to their specific needs.

Activities That Elicit Meaningful Interactions

In addition to providing exceptional medical care, our staff is also there to offer daily activities that match our residents' individual cognitive levels and personal interests. We utilize evidence-based interventions in engaging activities in order to efficiently enhance the lives of our residents.

We provide plenty of opportunities for residents to spend time pursuing hobbies, exploring new interests, conversing with friends or family, and even enjoying quiet time. We believe that inspiring our residents to feel purposeful is extremely important for their health and well-being, so we allow and encourage them to help us with simple tasks, such as gardening, farming, baking and housekeeping chores.

Since many of our residents experience a decline in the ability to communicate and interact, our activities focus heavily on sensory stimulation, aromatherapy, music therapy and meditation, so that they can comfortably express themselves in a positive way. We strongly believe in the benefits of creating familiar moments for our residents, whether that be through the feeling of a friendly hug, the sound of soothing music, or the smell of freshly baked cookies.

Playing with therapy dogs and dolls are also commonly enjoyed activities in our communities because they evoke a calm, comforting feeling, bring back memories of taking care of pets and children, and even cause a reduction in the use of antipsychotic medications. We also offer an online activity program called Linked Senior, which provides stimulation and meaningful engagement based on our residents' personal interests and experiences.

Other common activities include:

  • Bingo
  • Crafts
  • Trivia
  • Sing-alongs
  • Movies
  • Manicures
  • Walks outside

While we offer a variety of group activities, we understand that not everyone is comfortable participating in a group setting. We are strategically staffed in a way that allows us to dedicate 1-on-1 time to each of our residents, so that everyone can partake in activities they are comfortable with. Several of our residents thrive in individual activities, such as working on a puzzle, coloring, or simply having a conversation with a team member.

Kingston Cares About You and Your Family

Moving a loved one into a memory care community is a difficult and emotional choice, however, knowing they're safe and well-cared for delivers great comfort. At Kingston, we provide a healthy and positive environment that grants peace of mind, safety and encouragement to every resident and family member.

We can put your worries to rest by reassuring you that your loved one's needs are being met, as we are able to recognize what they may not be able to express, such as thirst, hunger, discomfort or pain. Another way we strive to calm your nerves and fears is by offering family support groups, as well as quarterly community education sessions.

Our main goal is to provide opportunities to our residents that allow them and their families to live their lives as normal as possible. With our help, family members can focus on being family again, instead of being caregivers, allowing you to enjoy renewed quality time with your loved one.

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