Goal-oriented care and support

When you’re ready to get back on your feet, but need a little help figuring out how to get there, Kingston delivers. Our rehabilitation program is built on the foundation of expert techniques and encouragement to ensure our residents are confident in their ability to return home stronger and healthier.

Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and therapists unite to provide genuine care and healing. We provide families and loved ones alike with the knowledge and tools they need to ease the transition from hospital to home.

Working Toward Full Healing

Kingston is known for quality specialized treatment and care. Our facilities are designed to empower residents to reach full health in body, spirit and mind. From therapy specialist to spacious gyms, we’re working together to provide an environment of healing. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of dedicated one-to-one therapy time, available seven days a week.

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Train muscles through Warm Water Aquatic Therapy and build strength using resistance weight equipment. Kingston’s state of the art facilities are designed for optimal results.


Education and training are key to helping residents heal. Kingston offers ongoing wellness programs to encourage and inspire residents and families to thrive as one.


Occupational and speech therapy helps residents rebuild and strengthen the daily skills they need for the return home, from doing the dishes to communicating proficiently.

Available at these locations:

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