Norma's Physical Therapy Journey to Independence


Norma Juillerate's journey to independence has taken her through many PT and OT sessions in her time at Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne. Unfortunately, medical issues have continued to hamper her quality of life and ability to walk. So Norma, needing further skilled nursing services, choose Kingston for a 3rd time this fall. Seeking the best quality of care to get back to her favorite pastimes, Norma chose Kingston because of excellent service and a "super friendly staff that cares and are full of compassion and empathy."

Norma kept her goals high and sought to to get back on her feet, active in participating her favorite activities. After a few weeks of PT and OT sessions, Norma saw so many positive outcomes that she is now able to walk safely throughout the facility without supervision. She has regained her strength, self-confidence and independence.

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