Rehab Success: Building a rapport that will carry on forever


Homer "Butch" Bloodhart joined Kingston of Ashland, after suffering multiple falls at home in a 2 week time period, for rehab and safe alternative discharge planning. His presence and success left a big mark on Kingston's staff, especially Ashley Simmons, who shares Butch's story and the impact that it made on her life.

'"When I first met Butch, I thought- 'this man has a story to tell.' He is strong, and he is determined.

In his first care conference, we included his wife of almost 50 years who is a retired Nurse of the Navy, and his son who is Ashland City PD - a family of service. During this time, Butch referred to himself as an “invalid”. Hearing this statement made my heart sink but it was at that time that I knew Butch and I were going to spend a lot of time together.

Butch is a retired Marine with 30 years of service who began as a Marine Private and became a Sergeant Major. Each and every day, I was lucky enough to learn more and more about Butch, his family, and his journey that led to present day.

After 2 weeks of rehabbing and getting to know Butch, on March 12th, I sat down and spoke with himto confirm his discharge plans. With excitement, I had the opportunity to relay to him what an amazing, major transition I have witnessed in him in such a short time.

Butch was excited to share his appreciation as well. “During my time here, the discipline, routine, and management of my daily skills- I gained a new apprehension about my condition vs my life. I gained a whole new outlook,” said Butch.

He truly enjoyed the weight training each and every day with therapy; sharing common stories about service with Marc, OTR and the bond he formed with Kristen and Dana, COTA/L who worked with him the most and kept him on his toes. Tara Akers and Sheri Gast are two of his favorite STNA’s; Carolyn and Butch both said these girls have been angels during his stay. Ashley took time out of her day to speak with me. Together we were able to determine a routine and way to cope with my disease,’’ said Bloodhart.

With that I should add; (during my time with Butch) I learned discipline myself, and will in fact continue to follow my dreams. I made sure Butch knew that this is why I do what I do.

Every day, I would visit Butch in the dining room, the hallway, or even in his room. Before departing our conversation, we would always shake hands; this rapport will carry on with me forever."' - Ashley Simmons


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