Rehab Success: Prepared Well for Going Home


Lu Ann left Kingston very excited to return home after a successful rehabilitation. She worked in collaboration with Kingston's interdisciplinary team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, nursing staff and dietitians to feel well-prepared in her return home. "During my stay here the therapists have worked very hard to restore my strength and balance. I have worked, put wash in washer, washed dishes, hung or folded clothes. Exercised my legs, arms. I’ve done mental tests, coordination things and practiced with the grabber several ways. All household activities I will be doing when I go home. Thank you OT therapists."

"In PT we have walked a lot, done steps and balance and exercises. They are very good at their jobs and give excellent instructions for everything they want time to do. They have prepared me well for when I go home and am on my own. We also did car entrances and a home visit and suggestions! Thank you PT therapists!"

"I am very satisfied with all the therapists here. They try everything!" - Lou Ann Ludwiski

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