Lillian's Success

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Lillian made huge strides with her rehabilitation while she was at Kingston of Ashland. However, prior to her stay at Kingston, Lillian lived independently and was having serious difficulty getting around, required assistance getting out of bed and transfers into a chair. On her first day of therapy she was only able to walk 30 ft before needing to sit back down and her balance score indicated she was a high fall risk. From there, Lillian and the Kingston therapy team put a plan in place with the motivation to get Lillian back home, stronger and more secure.

After Physical and Occupational therapy, Lillian made consistent progress and was ready for a home assessment where Kingston made recommendations for equipment to ensure her safe return home. With the help of her infectious smile and Kingston’s expertise, Lillian thrived in her rehab sessions, returning to her cozy home independently with a decreased risk for falls.


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