Emma surprises her son with her progress

Emma Rehab Success

The Kingston Therapy Team has had the pleasure of working with Emma for rehab while she was a Kingston of Ashland. Prior to her stay Emma lived in a condo independently but was worried that she was losing her independence. On her first day of therapy Emma was only able to stand for 3 minutes before having to sit due to fatigue.

Today Emma is happy to bake cookies from her very own recipe and demonstrate standing with an increased tolerance of greater than 45 minutes! This activity is a cherished one for Emma who usually bakes for friends and neighbors who are unable to do for themselves. Emma’s son Carl was even surprised by her tremendous progress, saying “I was not sure if my mom was ever going to be able to walk, let alone bake cookies.”

Emma worked very hard with Occupational and Physical Therapy in order to obtain this goal and was excited to get back to her kitchen at home.


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