Ruth Returns Home Stronger


When Ruth arrived at Kingston she was initially challenged with limited weight bearing on her leg which always made walking harder and more confusing. Dedicated and focused, Ruth began a 10 week rehab process at Kingston to get stronger and return home.

Her family chose Kingston because her Orthopedic surgeon's recommendation and other positive feedback from the community. In the end, they felt that they made the right choice. With a combination of Ruth's dedication and her therapy team's expertise, Ruth was able to successfully return home stronger, and more confident.

They will always remember the people who went above and beyond and made them feel like family or friends saying, “our room was always clean, the aides were attentive, nurses were wonderful, cooks were awesome, laundry was helpful and therapy was the best.”

“We had the best lead therapists in Natalie, Marisa and Nichole. Cheryl, Joanie and Dana were the best cheerleaders and Rosalyn led our team and gave us lots of advice.”

They didn't stop there, Ruth’s husband raved about their dining experience as well. His favorites were Tilapia, Cod, Long-grained Rice, Braised Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, and Hawaiian Chicken.

We are excited for your success and wish you the best of luck Ruth!


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