Growing with Kingston: From CNA to Activities Director

Tonya Resendez began her healthcare career as a CNA in 2004 and has excelled at caring for patients ever since. Her knack for patient care certainly doesn’t go unnoticed to her co-workers or the management team as she is described as a truly reliable team player and flexible. Since 2004, Tonya continued to grow in her role and become a QMA in 2016. In early 2020, Tonya’s career changed course again as she was asked to follow one of her co-workers, who was taking a new DON role, to join her at Kingston. Of course, Tonya’s talents were quickly recognized at Kingston as well and she recently took another step in her career by completing her Activity Director class and has been promoted to Activities Director.

As seen in the photo above, Tonya knows how to have fun and excels at connecting and creating a special experience for patients so this new role will fit her well. It’s at the center of Kingston’s mission and approach to encourage personal and professional growth so Kingston is truly excited to see what comes next for Tonya.

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