Journey from Activities Assistant to Clinical Manager

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Layne Carteaux started her healthcare career as an Activities Assistant at a memory care facility in Fort Wayne. Since then, she became a CNA, worked her way through nursing school, and just a few short years later became a Clinical Manager.

While working in activities, Layne began to realize the vital role that Nursing Assistants have. As soon as she was able to get her CNA, she followed her heart to play that important role at Kingston Care Center of Fort Wayne.

"I wanted to become a CNA because they are so needed in the health care field. CNA’s play such an important role in taking care of residents...I have so much respect for what they do on a daily basis."

Layne "absolutely loved being a CNA" and continued caregiving at Kingston while going to school to become a Registered Nurse.

"Working at Kingston, I was able to get experience with a variety of different residents and looking back now, I feel that is what drove me to stay with Kingston as a nurse.”

And now Layne has recently taken another step toward her ultimate goal of becoming a DON. Layne will officially be Kingston's newest Clinical Manager on November 1st.


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