A Caregiver's Reason for Caring


"I do what I do because I feel I am a part of the family here at Kingston. In my heart I do this because I know the residents experience joy, feeling loved and trust me while they’re in my care.

A memorable story, that I will never forget out of my 13 years working at Kingston, happened January of this year.

One of my hobbies is I love to make a silk flowers that are woven into a brooch or hair accessory. So, I gave one of our residents a special made pink silk flower with a hair clip for her birthday, which she absolutely loved. When she passed away her children informed the funeral home staff, they want her hair style the “Kingston” way. What her children meant was that they wanted her to have her pink silk flower hair clip that I made especially for her.

Unfortunately, I was off the day the family came in but when I heard the story, I couldn’t help but fight back tears. In my heart, I knew that I touched someone’s life and she certainly touched mine.

I do what I do not just to have a job but because of the impact I can make and the joy and fulfillment I can provide. It is a great honor to work and interact with the residents, to see them smile and enjoy special moments with them every day." - Emilia Brecht

Hear from another caregiver.


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