Supported in My Career Goals


"In our youth, my sisters and I regularly visited Extended Care Facilities and Nursing Homes, as our parents were heavily involved in volunteering in the community. On Sundays, we visited residents, played games, sang songs, and shared stories. These experiences taught me at a young age how important it was to engage and value people in all walks of life. Working at Kingston is truly a job that I am thankful for daily- I enjoy and appreciate the work environment, the people I work with, and am most grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the very special residents who live at Kingston. Daily, I witness fellow staff members giving not only their time and energy into caring for residents, but I also see them sharing so much of their heart. Currently, I am working on my Masters in Health Administration, and I could not feel more supported by my coworkers to meet this personal and professional goal. I have watched other employees be supported in their career goals as well. I have seen Kingston CNAs go to school to become LPNs and Kingston LPNs go to school to become RNs. If a Kingston employee has a desire for growth, there are many opportunities and the best working environment is provided to be set up for success! What a wonderful gift for an employer to give this support and encouragement and the message that is sent to the employees is strong and clear: Kingston is truly employee-centered and dedicated to their employees!" - Kelly Burgess

Hear from another Kingston caregiver.


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