"Why I am a Caregiver"


"When I started at Kingston, I had just come off of being a stay at home mom for over 9 years. I just lost my grandfather, just moved back to Marion after 6 years living out of state and applied for a care assistant job. Previously I was in the United States Army, but I knew after the loss of my grandfather, the last grandparent I had, who was on hospice, that it was a career path I was interested in exploring. I was nervous having no previous experience in this line of work, but my coworkers made the transition from stay at home mom to care assistant almost effortless.

I have become very attached to many residents that have changed my life and the outlook I have on my life forever. I enjoy this job more than I ever thought possible. I am thankful I get to be in the resident’s day to day lives and experience the ups and downs with them.The reason I do what I do is simple: I care. I care about the residents, I care about my coworkers and management team, I care about all the good we, as employees of Kingston Residence of Marion, get to do every day to make the residents life better." - Katie Battista

Hear from another Kingston caregiver.


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