Aaron - Employee


You hear sometimes that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Having worked within other companies I always thought this was just one of those non-sense sayings. That was until I started working for Kingston. My role at Kingston is fulfilling in every aspect, and in such a way that I never dread coming to work, I never want to call off and I always want to come to see the friendly and welcoming staff that have become my family. Why I love Kingston? When I thought about this it seemed obvious in every way. I have worked in two different locations for Kingston in two different roles. I can say with full honesty that each has been the most welcoming employer with true genuine caring and interest in my wellbeing as an employee. I love Kingston for their un-wavering dedication to providing the best care possible, not only to their patients and residents; but also the persons they employ. They truly are the employer of choice! I can't imagine working anywhere else!

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