Angela - Employee

Environmental Services

22 1/2 reasons why I love Kingston:

1. Kingston HealthCare has the same owners for all of my 22.5 years. Not many companies can say that!

2. I was interviewed by all department heads. They inspired me to work for this company.

3. When I first started, the DON said her door was always open if I needed anything.

4. I have watched so many wonderful people move up in the company

5. The residents are so special. When a family says good luck with making mom happy, all the staff go the extra mile to make sure Mom is happy. Our staff go above and beyond together everyday!

6. Kingston lets you move on within the company. After 6.5 years with KCCFW, I moved to KRFW. I was ready for a change. I knew the Administrator and always wanted to work with her. They blessed the move and I went to Kingston Residence. It was so nice; though I do miss the staff at KCCFW.

7. The special events Kingston puts on are so wonderful. A lot of work, but all the buildings pull together to get it done. I get to work with old friends and make new friends.

8. My grandmother lived at KRFW for almost 3 years. When I introduced her to George (Kingston's CEO) she thought he was very nice.

9. My whole family got to meet my work family. At one of KRFW's family picnics we had 22 family members. To be blessed with a company who goes above and beyond for their staff and residents and families is unheard of unless you work for Kingston.

10. All of my 6 grandchildren have been born since I've worked for Kingston. They have participated in Trick or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and egg hunts all at Grandma's work. All our Kingston staff have shared their families with us at these events. How many other jobs out there that you can do that?

11. Where were you on 9-11? I was with a team of other Kingston employees cleaning our new KAD. Most of the staff who were there that day still work for Kingston.

12. I smile when I say I work for Kingston, You don't stay at a job if you aren't treated well.

13. We have made a many changes at KRFW, all with a lot of teamwork from staff. Our Administrator is right there leading the way.

14. There has not been a day in the past 22.5 years at Kingston that I haven't laughed or hugged someone.

15. Our residents are wonderful. To please them is the highlight of working for Kingston. We have the time to get our work done plus make so many peoples day better! Everywhere you look in our building you see staff helping residents.

16. You see staff helping staff.

17. You feel really cared about because our staff cares.

18. Our staff really care about making residents feel cared for and the residents and families feel it.

19. I smile when I walk in the door every morning and smile walking out. You often see staff who are leaving lingering in the parking lot still talking and laughing.

20. You feel the love when you walk into Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne.

21. A big part of my happiness with life is working at Kingston and helping the residents I love.

22. I have made friends and memories for a lifetime with the residents and families.

22.5. Thank you Kingston for 22.5 years!!

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